How to Get Body Odor out of Clothes with Vinegar – Get Rid of Stubborn Smells

Sweating is perfectly normal. We all know that you need “to hustle for that muscle”. But all those hours at the gym will make you perspire like mad. Now, that is not something bad, it is just your body’s way of burning calories. The sweat can and will linger for a while, and the result is long-lasting odor on your workout clothes. Now, one way to combat that unpleasant odor is to learn how to get body odor out of clothes with vinegar.

How to Get Body Odor out of Clothes with Vinegar - Get Rid of Stubborn Smells

The foul smell is not only embarrassing for you, but it will be also unpleasant for those around you. We are sure you do not want to be the “smelly one in the group”. Being that sweating is unavoidable, especially if you work out on a regular basis, or live in hot and humid climates. The purpose of sweating is to help regulate the temperature of your body. The biggest mistake we make is leave our sweat-soaked garments in a laundry bag for too long. The odor causing bacteria will multiply, and the result is odor that stays forever.

With that in mind, if you make that mistake, even repeated washing might not help you. Clothes made of synthetic fibers are even more challenging. Cotton is easier to clean. As mentioned previously, there are a number of household ingredients that can help you get that body odor smell out your clothes. All of these ingredients work by getting rid of bacteria that is causing the odor in your clothes.

We’ve looked around for a number of solutions that can help with body odor, but one thing stands above all the rest. That ingredient is white vinegar, and there are two methods you can use vinegar. Those are simple, and complicated way. Let’s start with the latter first. With that in mind, let’s take a look how to get body odor out of clothes with vinegar.

Complicated method

To be frank, there is nothing complicated here. We only call it that way, because the method requires more than just vinegar. You have to use white vinegar, as it works best for treating those pesky body odor smells. Vinegar will also cut through any grease from the natural oils of your body, and disinfect and deodorize your garments.

How to Get Body Odor out of Clothes with Vinegar - Get Rid of Stubborn Smells

For this “life hack”, you will need baking soda, vinegar, and tea tree essential oil. Here is the full list of ingredients:

– ½ cup of white vinegar to serve as disinfectant and deodorizer

– 1 tablespoon of baking soda to serve as deodorizer

– 2-3 drops of tea tree oil to serve as antibacterial agent

– ½ cup of water

How to do it?

  1. Start by pouring water into a container
  2. Add all the ingredients, starting with white vinegar first, followed by baking soda and tea tree oil
  3. Mix between each ingredient
  4. Stir well until all of the baking soda dissolves, and all of the other ingredients are well blended
  5. Pour the solution into a spray bottle
  6. Turn your clothing inside out, and then spray the solution on the stinky areas
  7. Let the solution work its magic for 15 minutes, and then put your clothes in the laundry and launder as usual
  8. Hang your clothes outside and let the air dry

The Simpler Method

As mentioned, there is also a simpler method of using vinegar for getting body odor out of your clothes. Vinegar is good enough on its own to help you get rid of body odor. For this method, you will need only 1/3 cup of vinegar.

Start by filling the washing machine with water, and then add white vinegar. Soak the garment for 10 minutes, and then launder as usual. For clothes that are really stinky, you can add another 1/3 cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle.

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