30 Hobbies for Women to Help You Relax and Have Fun

Ask yourself how many hours you spend each week on email, texting, social media, and other worthless stuff. The benefits of having an actual, real-world hobby are numerous. For starters, we all need hobbies so that we can talk about some of our passions. I know there are a lot of people who classify hobbies for women and hobbies for men. The reality is that all of us need hobbies.

As you get older, talking about what you drank over the weekend does not get the job done and the conversation flowing. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of hobbies for women. For starters, any physically demanding hobby will make you stronger and healthier. But there are also hobbies that give you a mental edge, emotional benefits, and much more.

The truth is that any hobby involves a bit of a challenge and demands your concentration.

Let’s take a look at several hobbies for women.


No, you’re probably never going to become a professional actress. But you can always become an amateur one. There are many amateur acting groups for adults. Some of them are just groups for fun, while others are more professional. Acting helps people improve their communication skills and feel more confident.


This is one of those hobbies people think of as men-centric. But you’re wrong to think that. In fact, many women enjoy bowling. It’s true that your nails can’t be too long. But bowling is such a fun activity—one in which you can meet a lot of smart, funny, and intelligent people. If you haven’t bowled since you were a teenager, give it a try again.


Definitely one of the most popular hobbies for women, biking is great exercise too. Unlike many other exercises, biking is easy on your joints and offers a ton of fun. If you live in a community with great trails, even better. In any case, you can still find a lot of trails in your city for biking.

Ballroom dancing

Do you know women who don’t want to dance? A bit of a stereotype, but I recommend ballroom dancing as a great activity and hobby. Even if you don’t have a partner, you can be sure you’ll find one. There are a lot of men who join ballroom dancing clubs on their own, and there are a lot of women who do that as well. In fact, I have a couple of friends who met the love of their life at ballroom dancing classes.


You don’t have to be into the wilderness to enjoy camping. This activity offers you an opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet like nothing else. There are some safe and affordable campsites. True, you have to be a bit of an adventurer, since there will be a lot of nights cooking over a campfire. And the bathrooms aren’t that luxurious.


There are just so many card games. One of the most popular, of course, is bridge. But there are many others you can learn and play with your friends. You all remember the girls from Sex and the City having a card game night? Desperate Housewives as well? Do you need any other proof that cards are one of the most popular hobbies for women?


The first step to becoming a collector is deciding what you want to collect. From there, it’s all fun and jokes. Collecting is a way of enjoying the aesthetics of whatever you collect. Some ideas include books, art, and rare stamps.


Okay, let’s not get stereotypical here that “a woman’s place is in the kitchen.” No, I’m not talking about cooking for your man as a duty. I’m talking about cooking as a fun activity, one that you can enjoy to relax. Once you master cooking, you’ll start tweaking popular recipes, and that’s when it becomes even more fun.

Belly dancing

I talked about ballroom dancing earlier. Belly dancing is just as much fun, and it’s a sexier dance, to be honest. An amazing hobby that will help you get in shape and increase your confidence. A woman who goes to belly dancing classes has a ton of confidence. We all know this feminine art has enchanted men for years.


You might think you’re just not that talented. But it doesn’t matter. Everyone can draw or paint something. Painting is a perfect way to get your feelings out. This is one of those hobbies that gives you a lot of self-satisfaction and lasts a lifetime. Plus, you may be able to one day sell your paintings and turn your hobby into an income-generating activity! Start by watching some “how to draw” videos on YouTube.


I imagine you think of this activity as something characters from a Jane Austin novel did. Yes, it might sound like an activity women loved in the 50s and 60s. But to be fair, embroidery is rising up in the popularity ranks. There are many embroidery groups. And if you don’t know where to start, create a social event. It’s a great hobby to improve your creativity and enhance your mental acuity.


Some of us are blessed with a garden, some of us aren’t. But you can start gardening as your hobby even if you live in an apartment. Gardening provides many mental health and emotional benefits. You connect with nature, and whether you plant flowers or vegetables, you get great satisfaction once the fruits of your labor start appearing.

Jewelry making

In past several years, jewelry making has gone from a hobby to a full-time job for many women. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still treat it as a hobby. Just get your jewelry making tools kit, and let your mind go. You’ll be surprised by the beautiful things you’ll be able to make.

Pole dancing

Think of it as a sport and as a performing art. Pole dancing is a combination of dancing and gymnastics. And no, it has nothing to do with striptease (although once you start getting good at pole dancing, you’ll be able to perform some sensual striptease acts as well!). Artistic pole dancing, however, has become a circus-cabaret performance act. Lots of women love it, and they enjoy competing. You can do it just for fun. And the best part is you can buy your own pole and install it in your home. Start practicing!

Candle making

One of the easiest activities, you can start candle making as soon as you want. Just purchase supplies from different craft stores, and start your hobby. You can make several candles that will help you create a sensual mood in your home.

Public speaking/Toastmasters

Speaking in public is one of the biggest fears all humans have. You can conquer this fear just by practicing. There is actually a non-profit international organization called “Toastmasters.” Basically, if you want, you can go and improve your public speaking skills. You can talk about anything you want. Just find something you’re passionate about, and talk about it. There are always some sample speeches you can try as well.


One of the best hobbies in general (for both women and men) for meeting people is hiking. There are always groups that organize trips to local mountains. In addition, hiking is great exercise and it will help you reduce stress. You’ll get a chance to come closer to nature, meet lots of different animals, birds, and plants. And most importantly, watching the sunrise and sunset on the top of a mountain is a priceless experience.


Similar to jewelry making, this is one of those creative craft activities that helps you relax and have fun. You can start from the basic stitches, and go from there. Knitting is a mind-stimulating hobby that helps you fight off depression and improve your motor skills.

Learning a language

Nowadays, you can learn a language online, free of charge. Of course, you won’t be able to master the language, but you can always start with some basic words and grammar. Or, you can join a class and learn a language with other people. The best part about learning a foreign language is studying the culture of other nations.


With Instagram becoming one of the most popular social media outlets (right after Facebook, of course), photography has become a popular activity. Yes, you need a digital camera for great photographs. But seriously, with the advancement of technology, even a basic smartphone has a decent camera.


Similar to board games, puzzles are activities you can do with your friends. Jigsaw puzzles help your cognitive functions, improve your creativity, improve your memory, and improve your focus. You can work on a puzzle on your own, or you can invite your friends over to help.


Yes, reading can get lonely. You can’t read with other people. However, you can join a book club. But most importantly, reading is relaxing and helps you improve your vocabulary.


Traveling is one of the best hobbies for women and people in general. Who doesn’t love to visit new places, have an adventure, and discover a new city? And no, traveling does not cost a lot of money. You can always visit state parks with inexpensive cabins. Or you can just go on a road trip to visit friends and family. The key to traveling is to get out of your day-to-day activities and environment and meet new people.

Wine tasting

This is one of the more sophisticated hobbies. Your local wine store probably offers wine tasting sessions. Or you could buy a few different wines and invite your friends for a wine tasting at home.


Whether it’s writing a journal, a novel, or just some random thoughts, this is a hobby that will help you discover a lot about yourself. Writing is a great way to relieve stress. In addition, writing improves your creativity, imagination, and focus.


If there is one hobby that’s perfect for relieving the stress from day-to-day activities, that’s yoga. This is an ancient system of philosophies, practices, and principles designed specifically to free your mind, body, and soul from stress. Can you ask you for anything more?


Whether you’re good at singing or not, you can sing. This is probably one of the least expensive activities that will make you feel alive. Singing is very expressive, and you can look at it as a way to add value to yourself. If you’re serious about singing, you can always take some lessons. If not, just find some karaoke videos on YouTube and sing.

Lap dancing

We had pole dancing, and now we have lap dancing. Yes, this is a bit more erotic. Lap dancing is actually striptease. And no, lap dancing is not slutty and tasteless. When done properly for your man, lap dancing can do wonders for your relationship. Lap dancing helps you tap into that dark feminine energy you always wanted to hide. The best part about lap dancing is that you can add different kinds of props, like hats, a sexy outfit, feathers, costumes, and, of course, your favorite music. This is definitely a way to get your man’s attention.

Food styling

Food styling is creative cooking. That’s the simplest way to put it. In recent years, we‘ve seen a trend where food not only needs to taste good, but look great as well. You can decorate your cookies, pastries, salads, or anything else. You can join a decorating class if you want to get serious.


I would like to finish off the list of hobbies for women with one of the most rewarding hobbies: volunteering. If you’re contribution-minded, this is the best activity you can do. We all have a gift we can give to others. Volunteering is a great way to find that gift and seek fulfillment. There are many volunteering organizations that don’t require a volunteer fee. But you do have to bring something to the table.

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