How to Clean Clothes Without Water – Hacks That Can Save Your Life

Some five years ago, there was news about companies trying and making waterless washing machine. They tried to develop a machine using steam, ozone, or plastic pellets versions.

But so far, they are not available to the general public or cost far more than you can pay. The question of how to clean clothes without water, however, remains to be answered.

Laundry may be one of your least favourite days in the week. But the fact of the matter is we have to do laundry every now and then.

Can you really do a waterless laundry at home without using some expensive machine? Well, it is possible with the use of a couple of hacks and tricks.

Laundry seems like an eternity. You wait for an open washing machine, wait some more for the clothes to be done, and after what feels like an eternity, your clothes are finally clean, but you still need to fold and put them away.

If you hate washing, try some of the tricks and tips below.

Why Do We Wash Clothes?

How to Clean Clothes Without Water – Hacks That Can Save Your Life

Before we get to the tips for how to clean clothes without water, we need to ask why clothes washing in the first place. When you talk about workout clothes and how to clean them, the most obvious answer is because they smell.

Clothes that have been worn for a day, gone another round or two, they smell. When we wear clothes, sweat and oils from our skin end up in the clothes.

And even more importantly, gets carried along with them. These bacteria, breaking down the oils and dead skin cells, cause smells in the clothes.

The big aspect of washing clothes is killing off bacteria, and the smell they cause. But contrary to what you may believe, soap and water is not the only way to kill bacteria.

These hacks will clean your clothes in a pinch. However, we still recommend that you wash your clothes once in a while. Think of these hacks more as an emergency way of removing sweat stains on clothes.

Jeans in the Freezer

How to Clean Clothes Without Water – Hacks That Can Save Your Life

We all know denim requires more washing and ironing. It is a unique fabric. But the good news is because of that uniqueness, denim can be cleaned in the freezer.

All you have to do is throw your jeans in a Ziploc bag, and then into the freezer. Leave them overnight. The cold temperature will kill the bacteria, and won’t ruin your jeans in the process. The next morning, they are fresh and ready to wear.

Baby Powder for Oil Stains

Getting an oil stain on your clothes is not something you want to happen. But when it happens, it happens. But there is something you can do to correct the problem.

Try to blot up as much of the stain as possible. After that, generously dust some baby powder over the stain. Wait for 30 minutes, and then dust off the baby powder.

The powder will soak up all the oily mess, and your clothes will be clean for wearing.


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Rubbing Alcohol for Makeup

You will be surprised by the number of people wearing makeup at the gym. Yes, there are women who cannot do their workout unless they have some lipstick on.

But no matter whether you are the gym or somewhere else, makeup on your clothes is a problem. The simple solution is rubbing alcohol to get it out.

Place a sheet of paper towel behind the stain, and then use alcohol soaked in a cotton ball to dab out the stain. If needed, repeat the process inside the clothing. Let it dry, and then you can wear it again.


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Lemon Against Sweat

How to Clean Clothes Without Water – Hacks That Can Save Your Life

If there is one thing you are guaranteed to get when you work out is sweat stains. It is inevitable. You sweat while you exercise, and some of that sweat remains on your clothes.

Try using lemon juice to get the stains out. Not only your clothes will be clean, but they will also smell fresh, and you can wear them again in the gym.

Sprinkle some salt over the stain, and then squeeze lemon over it. Rub until it comes out.

White Wine vs Red Wine

How to Clean Clothes Without Water – Hacks That Can Save Your Life

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. And yes, it is effective. Now, if you spill an entire glass of red wine over your shirt, nothing will help you clean it.

However, if there is a stain or two, rub some white wine against it. The process does not work the other way around.

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