30 Chest Tattoos For Women That Draw Approving Eyes

    A common misconception is that chest tattoos are just for men. Yes, in the past few years, under the breasts tattoos have become a popular trend among the female population. But what about chest tattoos?

    Well, today we will look at several tattoos that will make our cleavage look that much more awesome. And do not worry, you won’t have to show your entire cleavage to get there. Breaking stereotypes is the goal of the 21st century, and today we will prove that chest tattoos are not just for men.

    1. Bouquet Of Flowers

    We have to start with a girly and feminine tattoo. And that is flowers. As you can see, the flowers are carefully positioned above your breasts. The many colors will definitely make people gaze your cleavage.

    2. Star Design With Piercing

    Another example of how you make your cleavage and chest area attractive, without showing any part of your breasts. I love that the picture is taken with a dress on. It is a perfect example of how chest tattoos make you look more attractive without showing any skin.

    3. Under Breast Medusa

    We had above the breast tattoos, but a chest tattoo includes under the breast area as well. I said at the beginning that the under the breast area is a popular one in recent years. You can get so many things there. The Medusa takes you back to Ancient times and the mystery of the old world.

    4. Moths To Candle Torch

    For starters, I love the colors. But on a more serious note, just look at the moths. They might look scary with those skeleton heads, but they look good scary. You can say this is a bit more rock and roll take on the chest tattoo, and you will be right. But there are women who love alternative music out there.

    5. Henna Lace Design

    From rock and roll, to romantic and sensual ballads. That would be the case here. Lace is always welcomed. Lace makes you look feminine, sexy, and sensual in the same time. And I love how the tattoo starts above the breasts, and then moves down, leaving you with questions what is down. Little mystery goes a long way.

    6. Japanese Dragon

    When you think of Japanese design tattoo, the first association usually is a dragon. And you are right. While the dragon is more synonymous with China, the Japanese have their own version as well. And this one looks absolutely stunning.

    7. Black Cats And Crescent Moon

    Another feminine tattoo. When you go for cats, you go for feminine touch. Now, these cats might be a bit cartoonish, but they work. And there is so much symbolism there. The cats trying to get to the crescent moon that look like a dream catcher. Let your imagination think of the symbolism.

    8. Black And White Side Roses

    I mentioned at the beginning that flowers are a “standard” for girly chest tattoos. And while some of them are colorful, others are black and white. To be fair, black and white looks more artistic and clean.

    9. Sparrow And Branch With Blossoms

    Sparrows symbolize loyalty to family, and love. They are some of the best birds you can get as a tattoo. Usually, a sparrow tattoo is a symbol of a victory earner, or sometimes enduring through tough times.

    10. Black And White Dotted Lotus And Wroth Iron Design

    Talk about a creative and out of this world tattoo. So artistic, this tattoo is definitely one of the best-looking on the list.

    11. Winged Skull And Roses

    Look, you have to understand that not all women are about  cute and adorable. Some of them want scary and fierce. And we have to give something to all of you. In that spirit, here is a winged skull. At the very least, you have to admire how awesome it looks.

    12. Queen Of Hearts

    I love the story told by the tattoo. Just look at how everything is connected. The heart, the crown, and everything in between.

    13. Large Green Moth

    We had some moths before. You remember  those with the skeleton heads? Now, we have a moth that looks much cuter. Any object can be done in different ways, and it all comes down to your preference. Do you like cute and adorable? Or you are more into alternative tattoos?

    14. Blue Diamond With Dotted Leaves

    I just want you to understand how much work goes into this tattoo. Anyone who has ever tried to get a dotted tattoo knows what I am talking about. Dotted tattoos are some of the hardest to make. They take an eternity, as your tattoo master must pay attention to every single detail. In the end, we get a stunningly beautiful tattoo.

    15. Crows

    This tattoo might be a little too dark for some people. After all, crows do not associate to something beautiful, right? A mythical and mysterious bird, a crow tattoo can have different meanings. For example, six or more crows, as here, is seen as death. Two crows, on the other hand, is seen as a symbol of luck.

    16. Artistic Butterfly

    A little bit smaller than all of the other tattoos on the list, but still beautiful. The best part about the tattoo is the water color symbol. And I love how the water color flows its colors to the butterfly.

    17. Black And White Flowers

    We’ve had some black and white flowers before. When it comes to flowers, you can never go wrong. Just pick any flower you like, and use it as a tattoo. All flowers have a different meaning, and it is up to you to find one suitable for your personality.

    18. Purple Butterfly

    Small and subtle, this butterfly shows freedom. I love the fact that the butterfly is drawn during flying, which shows how we need to fly and roam free.

    19. Jeweled Lotus

    If you want a tattoo that is artistic, creative, and will turn heads around, you’ve come to the right place. Personally, I cannot get enough of this tattoo. Everything about it is so perfect.

    20. Birds, Flowers And Notes

    Think of the tattoo as a story told by a person. It definitely has that type of flow. From one side to the other, you can see the birds interacting with each other between the notes and flowers. And the colors are just beautiful.

    21. Winged Hourglass

    I think that the hourglass has fallen down in popularity recently. At least when tattoos are concerned. There was a time when the hourglass was everywhere. But no matter if it is trendy or not, the hourglass has some of the best message attached to it.

    22. Side Flowers

    As you might have noticed, some of the chest tattoos occupy just one side of your chest area. I want to show you that you do not have to “paint” your entire chest area for a good tattoo. This is a great example of that.

    23. Feather And Flock

    It looks like the feather writes your life story. Cool idea, and definitely one that is great for people that want smaller tattoos. This one occupies little to no space of your chest area.

    24. Lined Fox And Bunny

    Going a bit natural here. Or you can say we’ve taken an inspiration from a children’s book. In any case, I love the technique, which is different than you will see on most tattoos. And that is what makes this design unique.

    25. Rose And Snake On Sternum

    Unlike most tattoos on this list, this one is not as visible. You will have to get a bit undressed for people to see it. And you can say that this tattoo is not meant for everyone to see. Only a special pair of eyes will be able to get so deep into your soul.

    26. Chest And Half Sleeve Flowers

    We had black and white flowers, and we had colorful flowers. Speaking of the latter, in this case, only one side is occupied, but the tattoo continues to the arm and shoulder.

    27. Simple Botanical Design

    I’ve said several times that I am a huge fan of minimalism. And that applies to everything, tattoos included. I like simple things, like this herb-themed tattoo. But what I like the most here is that you have few different herbs. Think of it as your personal herb garden.

    28. Stringed Hands And Crescent Moon

    It looks like you are holding the moon in your arms. The crescent moon is a symbol of growth. Another way to look at the tattoo is that the half moon is symbol of duality in life.

    29. Bird With Beads

    Prayer beads are used by different religions and cultures. If you want to show your religious side, this tattoo will get it down.

    30. Mandala Design Chunky Necklace

    We finish off with one of the most popular designs in the tattoo world lately. That is the mandala tattoo. This tattoo will take a ton of time and effort. There are just so many details. But the end result is always worth the trouble.

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