35 Imaginative Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs

Originally made by American Indians, dream catchers help the bearer sleep well. Back in the day, dream catchers were made with willow hoop, on which a net or web was woven. They were handmade items believed to give the owner good dreams.

Sometimes, the dream catcher included a sacred item like certain feathers. Nowadays, dream catchers are part of the legend and mystery. But they look awesome. If you want to carry a symbol of peaceful slumber on your body, I have some tattoo ideas for you.

Say goodbye to the fear of nightmares with these lovely designs!

1. Deer Skull Dream Catcher on Thigh
35 Imaginative Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs
Photo: fondalashay.com

As I mentioned, sometimes the dream catcher includes a sacred item in the middle. And a deer is certainly one of those items. Bonus points: the deer looks fearsome and scary at the same time.

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