65 Sizzling Under breast Tattoos You’ll Drool Over

Let’s be honest, tattoos are more and more becoming part of our mainstream culture. Some 10 to 15 years ago, tattoos were a taboo topic, and there only few bold and courageous ones to wear one.

Nowadays, however, things have changed. Like, everyone has a tattoo. I don’t, but that is more of a courage thing than anything else. But everywhere around me, like literally every friend of mine, has done a tattoo. That being said, I must say that behind every great tattoo, there is a story that few people know it. However, I would like to share some tattoo ideas with you.

If you are wondering why tattoos under breasts, the reason is simple, sex appeal. Women with under breast tattoos come as raunchy, hot and sexy. Fun fact, under breast tattoos are more enjoyable for the viewer than the bearer. However, women put them as a way to look bad-ass. So, don’t mistake these tattoos for tramp stamp tattoos.

1. Skull And Flowers

65 Sizzling Under breast Tattoos You'll Drool Over
Photo: your-body-is-a-canvas.tumblr.com

I love tattoos and everything else where contrast is the main  topic. Like, who would thought that flowers go head to head with a skull? Well, we all have a sensitive and a wild side, and this tattoo perfectly sums it up.

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