Mandala Tattoo: Its Meaning and 30 Popular Designs

[tps_header]There was a time when the mandala was a symbol to just a very small group of people. However, since then, the mandala tattoo has become one of the most popular tattoo designs around the world. The mandala is popular because it is simple, beautiful, and there are many different meanings. But the best part is that you can combine the mandala tattoo with almost any other tattoo design.

What is the mandala tattoo?

In essence, the design of the mandala is dominated by triangles and squares. The design has a concentric structure. Mandala translates to “circle” in Sanskrit, which is the best way to describe the tattoo. It is a circle with triangles and squares around it. There are many visual elements that balance the design, all of which translate to harmony and unity. In fact, the main meaning of mandala in Hindu and Buddhism is “dream, representing the dreamer’s search for self-unity and completeness.” But the mandala is actually versatile and can carry other meanings as well. The meaning of the tattoo is not limited to the creator or to the observer.

Overall, the tattoo is a tool to symbolize your journey.

The mindfulness of mandala

A mandala tattoo is not only visually appealing, but it also absorbs the mind in a way that allows you to be peaceful, mindful, and calm. The goal of the mandala is to silence chattering thoughts and allow the observer to be more aware. People who get a mandala tattoo to provide a higher level of awareness are usually very deep.

Every individual has a different experience when observing the same mandala tattoo. However, Hindu teaches us to meditate, and meditating on the symbol makes the observer relaxed, giving him a resolution or clarity. The premise is even truer for people carrying a mandala tattoo on their skin. And that is the main reason why you won’t hear someone tell you they regret getting a mandala tattoo.

How is a mandala tattoo designed?

Mandala ink designs are usually designed from the center outwards. This gives them a better appearance, and is what many classify as a floral appearance. Same as the mandala, flowers are circular in nature. But that makes mandala designs very good to combine with other symbols of femininity.

Mandala is a huge part of the Buddhist and Hindu culture. When you want to source your mandala design from Hindu, go for a black tattoo, which is closer to the sand version, one often used in Hindu culture.

When it comes to a religious nature, a mandala tattoo is not just a symbol for Buddhism and Hindu—other religions use the mandala as well. Every religion has its own meaning and name for it. However, the basic design remains the same circular and spiritual work of art.

One of the popular meanings of the mandala is perfection, which is why most people use it as a symbol of perfection on their body. That doesn’t mean that the owner thinks he/she is perfect. The mandala is just a reminder that they strive for perfection. You don’t want to settle for things in life, and you always try to get the most out of your life. That is what mandala represents.

In the end, choosing a mandala tattoo is not as hard as one might think. You can’t go wrong with any popular design or place where you put it. If you’re looking for ideas, I’ve shared some below. Make sure to choose the color you want, symbols, and the shape of the mandala that has a special meaning for you.

Popular designs

As mentioned previously, the mandala is a versatile tattoo. You can try different designs. Look for one that best suits your character and style.

The most common mandala design is the center of the universe. Another popular design is the rose window, something you might find in almost any church you visit. However, there are other designs you can try. From the wide palette of options, some of the more popular mandala tattoo designs include mandala leaves, flowers and floral mandala, lotus, Kaleidoscope, the Cosmos, sunburst, half-moon, revolving star, geometric mandala, tribals, and the tribal sun.

That being said, let’s take a look some mandala ink designs.


Mandala Tattoo: Its Meaning and 30 Popular Designs

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