How to Store T Shirts on Shelves – Best Way to Fold Shirts

    Do you have a lot of clothes? And do you find yourself having trouble organizing and storing all of your clothes?

    Well, you are not alone, that much is certain. In fact, storing and organizing clothes is one of the hardest tasks for most people. Today, we will learn how to store t-shirts on the shelves.

    Do you find yourself having to cram your stuff into the minimal space you have? The following tips and strategies for how to store t-shirts on shelves will help both women and men.

    To be fair, our space typically dictates what we have room to store. But the trick in solving the Rubik’s cube called the closet is to manipulate our clothes and linens.

    Manipulating our clothes will determine how much will really fit, and how organized it will look. To do that, you need to learn how to fold and store your clothes properly, e.g. rolling your leggings for extra storage. This will help you with all types of clothes, not just t-shirts.

    Some General Tips

    Before we get started on how to fold and how to store t-shirts on shelves, let’s look at some general tips for organizing storage.

    – Use all the available space in your home, but make sure to keep it organized.

    – Keep out-of-season clothes out of your way.

    – Make sure your clothes are visible, as you are more likely to wear something if you can see it.

    – Use drawer dividers to sort tights and underwear and easily see what you have.

    – Put seasonal clothes in bins with chalkboard labels, and you will never have to worry.

    How to Fold T-Shirts

    Now, this is the real trick that will help you organize your t-shirts and save space in your closet. Start with one shirt. Extra tip: cotton t-shirts have fewer wrinkles when fresh out of the dryer.

    Pop them in for just 8-10 minutes on a medium or high setting to quickly de-wrinkle. With that in mind, here is a step by step guide how to fold t-shirts. There are three ways you can fold your t-shirts, and it is up to you to choose which one to use.

    Basic Fold

    This fold works for both collared or uncollared shirts.

    – Hold the shirt by the shoulders, and make sure it is facing you.

    – Pinch the shirt in between your thumb and forefinger.

    – Fold back sleeves using your three excess fingers.

    – Place the shirt face down on a flat surface, and balance it on your knees.

    – Make sure the sides have folded in about an inch.

    – Grab the collar, fold back, and make sure the collar is touching the hem.

    – Put your shirt in the shelf.

    Complicated Fold

    – Hold the shirt by the collar, and place one hand on each shoulder.

    – The front of the t-shirt should be facing you.

    – With your thumb, grasp each side of the collar.

    – Use the thumbs for measuring, as you want an inch of fabric from each side of the collar to mark where you will fold.

    – Use the three excess fingers to fold the sides of the t-shirt, and include the sleeves, back and out of the way.

    – After the previous step, you should be left with long rectangular shape.

    – Take the bottom of the shirt and make a 3-inch fold towards the top.

    – Fold the rest of the shirt, with 3 in folded portion, in half upward. Make sure the first fold touches the collar.

    – Turn the shirt over, and you are done.

    Side Fold

    – Hold your shirt facing you.

    – Fold in half, longways, with the sleeves lining up.

    – Fold the sleeves back towards the collar.

    – Next, fold the hem of the shirt to the bottom of the sleeves.

    – From this point, fold the top portion of the shirt, collar, and folded sleeves, down onto the folded hem.

    – Put the shirt away in the sleeves.

    How to Keep Your Shirts Organized

    You can store shirts in the drawer and organize them by colour or style, plain or printed. It is up to you to choose the style that suits your lifestyle. Another way to keep them organized is to use baskets to store neatly folded shirts on closet shelves or under the bed.

    This will give you some extra storage. Make sure to maintain the neatness of the drawer or basket by folding t-shirts.

    What to Do When You Have No Closet Space?

    Do you live in an apartment with a small bedroom? And you have no closet space? Here are some ideas on how to add extra storage.

    You can use a loft bed that provides space underneath for a closet covered by a curtain. Another alternative is to set up a bookshelf along the wall several feet from the corner and install a rod between the wall and the bookshelf. This will give you a lot of extra storage.

    A pretty ladder hanged on the wall can create a shelf and clothes hanger all in one. Last, but not least, look around your home for things that are going unused, and they are empty. For example, some people collect old suitcases and use them for storage.

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