How to Roll Leggings for Storage – Simple Hack That Will Save You Tons of Space

Do you exercise? Do you have a ton of leggings stuffed in your drawers, closets, shoe holders, and everywhere else where you can stuff the soft leggings? Well, if that is the case, you are not alone. Women tend to stuff their leggings everywhere they can. And while that might solve the immediate problem, it results in a new problem: your closet is not organized and you cannot find your workout clothes. With that in mind, closet experts recommend using the hack for how to roll leggings for storage.

How to Roll Leggings for Storage – Simple Hack That Will Save You Tons of Space

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Once you roll your leggings, they take up less space, and you can easily stuff them and organize in your closet. Yes, you can try folding, but folding might take up a lot of space.

In this hack, we will show you a way how to roll leggings for storage without using any rubber bands or hair ties. And the best part is, your leggings will stay securely rolled.

So, instead of opening your closet and have hundreds of leggings fall on top of you, try this simple hack. There is a great way for rolling leggings that will keep them rolled and make it easy for you to fit them in drawers and suit cases. Once you try this hack, you will never go back.

Step by step guide for how to roll leggings for storage

You might think that rolling leggings is a tricky and challenging task. But that is true only for those who haven’t discovered the hack for how to roll leggings for storage yet. It is just amazing how a simple change in folding and storing can change your entire closet.

How to Roll Leggings for Storage – Simple Hack That Will Save You Tons of Space

– Start the rolling process by laying your leggings on a flat surface

– Then, fold the waist band over the top of the leggings, and then continue with folding your leggings in half

– Fold the bottom of the leggings up towards the waist

– You are done with folding, and now tuck the bottom of the leggings under the waist band

– Now, you can start rolling the leggings from the bottom up

– Make sure to roll all the way to the top of the waistband

– Take the other side of the waist band, and unfold it over the roll

Now that your leggings are rolled perfectly, they are ready for storage. You can organize your leggings by style, type, or color. After all, not all of us wear only black leggings to the gym. And you can store them anywhere you like, be it in a drawer, duffle, cubby, or anywhere else.

Some other useful storage hacks

How to Roll Leggings for Storage – Simple Hack That Will Save You Tons of Space

– You can get more space in your room if you build an extra rod space. For example, you can get tension rods to turn any nook or cranny into storage

– One idea to get more space is to hang multiple garments in one spot using soda can tabs. For the same purpose, you can use chains and s-hooks. This way, you can hang two or three shirts on one spot

– You can turn your old shoe boxes into drawer organizers, and keep your closet more organized

– Add more rod space by hanging scarves on the inside of your door

– For those with too many scarves, you ca use a shower curtain ring to organize your scarves on a hanger

– If you live in an area where seasons change, and you have a lot of out-of-season clothing, use a trunk to store them. The trunk can also double as a bench in your small apartment

– You can hang bags up with shower curtain rings. Keep random stuff in your bags, and you instantly get extra storage space. For example, keep one bag for socks, one for underwear, and so on

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