20 Examples of Cartoon Logic That Makes no Sense

    There is no logic in cartoons. We know as much. But sometimes, the “plausible implausible” we see is just too much. Cartoons are there to made us laugh, but sometimes, they make us laugh because of different things, including cartoon logic.

    We do not laugh because the humor is great, but because there are something you just cannot grasp how funny and illogical they are. And as a result of that, we have a ton of cartoon logic memes to look after. With that in mind, we’ve collected some of the best cartoon logic fails for you. Here, have a laugh.

    1.Luggage, what luggage?

    The characters in Scooby Doo were one of the funniest animated characters we’ve seen. Especially Shaggy. Who doesn’t love, I am sorry, like him. And he is spot on, why would they need luggage when they wear the same clothes every day. Maybe they have 100 same color shirts?

    2. Care Bear is ashamed

    Care bear is another great example of cartoon logic gone wrong. We will have similar examples down the road. But how can you be ashamed when your bathing suit comes off, when you walk around naked all the time?

    3. The law of Gravity

    The coyote is one of the most liked and loved characters. And he is one of the most pitiful characters in the same time. How can you not feel sorry for him? He runs and tries to catch the roadrunner, only to end up failing time and time again. And he is just the best example of gravity in cartoons.

    4. Spongebob physics

    It is a cartoon, of a sponge, living in the ocean, and he has a bubble around his head, and he makes bubbles. Throw logic out of the door, there is no other explanation for this picture.

    5. Spongebob is strooooongChildren love Spongebob. Heck, even adults do. Cartoon logic Spongebob is a popular meme. And this is just another example of how illogical that cartoon is. But nevertheless, we love him.

    6. Tom and Jerry at the beach

    This is the same Care Bear example of cartoon logic. There is no logical explanation why would Tom and Jerry need bathing suit, when they are naked the whole day. But, who cares about logic when the humor is just through the roof?

    7. Pluto and Goofy

    Both are dogs, and one is a pet, the other is the owner. Have you seen two dogs walk each other in the park? Of course you haven’t. You can see that stuff only in Disney movies.

    8. Dream Girl Disney Logic

    Disney is the king of logic in cartoons to be honest. Now, just imagine. You meet a girl, and she is not the one you are in love with, but something tells you that you should invite her to live with you. Right?

    9. Minnie scared of a mouse

    Ever since its beginnings, Disney has gave us so many laughs. Over the years, we’ve come to understand and appreciate the cartoon logic in Walt Disney’s movies. But at the beginning, it was just awful funny to see Minnie Mouse being scared of a mouse in his home.

    10. Rain puts down fire

    In real life, rain will put down fire in a matter of minutes. Water puts down any fire, we all know that. Our parents have been teaching us that since we were old enough to walk. But in Disney movies, no rain can put the fire on the top of a castle.

    11. Cinderella’s shoe

    Disney has taught girls to wait for their prince to come. But what if he doesn’t recognize them? How can you explain that to a little child? He loves you, but he doesn’t recognize you? What if some other woman had her shoe size? No happy ending there.

    12. Dora exploring

    Dora is so smart, she rivals a genius child. And despite having an IQ of a genius, she needs our help to solve a puzzle or a mystery. Maybe it just shows you that no matter how smart you are, you will always need help from others.

    13. The coyote should catch the roadrunner

    Our whole childhood was a lie. The coyote is much faster animal than a roadrunner. But then there wouldn’t be 48 short (6-7 minutes long) cartoons, one half-hour special, and one feature-length film that combines live action and animation, wouldn’t there?

    14. Who says fire underwater is impossible?

    Spongebob is a badass. There is no other way to describe what he is doing just so that he ignores normal rules of life. Definitely one of the better cartoon logic meme.

    15. Photo of my father

    This is more of a cartoon irony, than a cartoon logic gone wrong to be honest. But it is funny as hell. Sorry to all the vegetarians and vegans out there, but you just have to laugh at the picture of their father.

    16. What kind of sorcery is this?

    You gotta love Spongebob. In no other cartoon it is possible to whistle with a helmet in your way. Only in Spongebob.

    17. Digestive issues

    Someone should have told the creators of Tom and Jerry that we digest food once we eat it. Otherwise, we would all be looking like the food we are eating.

    18. Jerry doesn’t want to be seen naked

    In the same way cartoon logic applies when these two go to the beach, it applies here as well. They run around and chase each other naked all the day, and once Tom catches Jerry taking a bath, the mouse is ashamed? Cartoons do make a lot of sense, to be honest.

    19. Rules change

    Probably the harshest truth in life is that rules change for some people. The same rule doesn’t apply for all of us. And if you learnt that as a young kid, you are lucky.

    20. Lisa knows the truth

    It’s like the Simpsons wanted to tell us the truth about cartoons. And there is your cartoon logic and cartoon irony. Well, if nothing else, we can all have a good laugh about it. And with that, we finish off the list of cartoon logic that makes no sense.

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