22 Weird Websites That Can Cure Your Boredom

The Internet is a weird place. Some of us use it to learn something, some of us use it to be entertained, and some of us use it to watch something. But funny videos will always make you laugh. Jokes will always make you laugh. And when it comes to weird websites, there are more than you can imagine. There are hundreds and thousands of weird websites you can visit and spend some time on.

Just so you get an idea how many websites there are, the estimates in 2012 were that there were more than 600 million websites. If you check 1,000 websites per day, you’ll need more than 1,700 years to visit them all. But just so you don’t get lost in the labyrinth called the Internet, I found some weird websites that will definitely get your attention.


22 Weird Websites That Can Cure Your Boredom

Now, this is one way to cure frustration. When we feel frustrated, we often want to slap someone. And instead of slapping someone with your hand, you can slap someone with an eel. Just move your cursor left and right to slap the guy in the picture. Whenever you feel down, just go to the website and do some slapping.


22 Weird Websites That Can Cure Your Boredom

The same way we sometimes want to slap someone, we all sometimes want a conversation with an intelligent human being. Sometimes you can’t have it all, but you can always have an intelligent conversation with an artificial intelligence object. Long before Siri came to Apple, Cleverbot was one of the best ways to chat with an application. You can spend hours talking to Cleverbot, and you’ll definitely be amazed by the answers. The guy knows what he’s talking about.


22 Weird Websites That Can Cure Your Boredom

We live in the era of flights and aircrafts. The point of this website is to track and see all flights. Yes, you can spy on every single plane! It doesn’t matter where the plane is going. Once you go to the website, an interactive map will open, and you can just click on the flight you want to track. Pretty weird way to spend your time, but hey.


22 Weird Websites That Can Cure Your Boredom

Well, we’ve all been there. Snapping bubbles is definitely one of the most relaxing and stress relieving activities in the world. One of the first things I do when I get a present is to unwrap it, and then snap the bubbles. If there are bubbles, of course. Now, you can’t always snap bubbles here in real world, but in the virtual world, you can do it all day long.


22 Weird Websites That Can Cure Your Boredom

We all get the urge to yell “NOoooooooooooooooo” from time to time. Sometimes things happen that require yelling and screaming. Sadly, we can’t yell whenever we feel like it (especially when you’re at work). Luckily, there is a way to do it. Put your headphones on, go to the website, press the button, and let Darth Vader scream instead of you. And you can even download the app on Android.


22 Weird Websites That Can Cure Your Boredom

They say rain makes everything better. I disagree. Frankly, I don’t like the rain. However, I know lots of people who do love it. They love listening to the rain when they’re trying to sleep. And apparently, some people relax while listening to the rain. So, if it’s not raining, you can always make it rain. Or at least listen to the sound of raining. This is the most popular “rain experience.”


22 Weird Websites That Can Cure Your Boredom

Honestly, I am amazed how this guy got to register that domain. And how in the world the American president left the website running. At least even Obama wants to have some fun from time to time. The resemblance is way too evident. The guy in the picture is Trevor, and he claims people stop him on the streets and ask him questions they should ask the American president. So, he decided to make a website and clarify he is not, in fact, Barack. He just looks like him.

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