Top 50 Useless Websites to Kill 2 Minutes of Your Time

    Are you bored of work, or you just want to kill some time? Checking social media might kill more time than you want/need. Once you log into Facebook, you’ll be inclined to check messenger, and one conversation after another, there goes 30 minutes. With that in mind, checking some useless websites might be a better idea to get back to work. After all, starring at an animated taco spin around your browser will surely get your juices for work.

    The original useless website

    Let’s start with the most original and brilliant idea of a useless website. The website is actually called useless web. Once you open the website, you can click on it and it will take you to another random useless website. What a way to kill some time, right?

    Pointless website

    After the useless website, we have the pointless website. The idea is the same, you go to a website and then click a button to bring you to another website. But there is a twist, and you’ll have to open the website to find out what is it.

    Taco Spin

    You’ll  be surprised how mindless this website is. It is just a taco that spins. Nothing more, and nothing less. The kicker here is the fabulous soundtrack. And if you want to accomplish something, the website counts the number of spins you’ve watched. Watch it for a long time, and you might feel you’ve actually accomplished something.

    The most seconds

    If you do not like a taco to count your spins, this website is a nice alternative. Just ask yourself, how many seconds can you stare at the browser? This website counts not only your seconds, but from the entire universe.

    Bacon sizzling

    Sometimes you need a perfect two-minute break from work, studies, or any other task. And all you have to do is watch something meaningless to help your brain relax. And being that “bacon makes everything better”, here is a website of bacon sizzling. You can enjoy the soothing sounds of bacon and the flawless visual image.

    The exclusive website

    Do you want to feel exclusive? Well, this website allows you that. The website is so exclusive, it allows only one visitor at the time. A great website for killing some time.

    Is my computer on?

    If you are working from your computer, and asking whether it is on, how bored you are on a scale from 1 to 100? Let’s just ask someone, right?


    To be fair, this website feels a little psychedelic. Everything is falling. The question is how long will you survive watching at the screen of objects falling.

    Random color

    A brilliant idea. Just refresh the browser, and it turns into a new color. Now that is some fun there, right? How long until you get your favorite color?

    The worst website ever

    If you want to look at how a dreadful web design can look, just check this website. It has everything that should be wrong. Your eyes will be just confused at watching all of the errors on the website. Check at your own risk.

    Useless website

    We had few useless websites at the beginning, and this falls into the same category. The difference is you do not even get a click button here. All you can do is send a comment to the website if you do not like the design.


    Some useless websites are just that, a useless website. But this one will actually provide something. Refresh the website and you get a new unique drawing that resembles a Sakura tree.


    No, this is not a mispronounced website. It is a website containing all of the misspelled words. It is a hidden encyclopedia if you like.

    Llama Font

    If you ever wondered how a font made of animals would look, wonder no more. Just visit this website, and you can check every letter in the alphabet written with Llama font. Sounds fun enough?


    We said earlier that sometimes you just need to watch at something doing something. Well, who doesn’t love popcorn? The sound of the preparing, and the visual is just extraordinary. I am sure you’ll want to make some of your own afterwards.

    Toilet paper

    It must be fun playing with toilet paper roll. You’ll make a mess at home. But at the website, you’ll be just clicking, and your home will stay clean.

    Kim Jong-Il looking at things

    He might be gone, but the memories of the Korean leader are still fresh. And if you remember him, you probably remember his weird face when looking at things. This is a collection of all those scenes.


    There are days when you need someone to say “Hey” to you. Well, if you cannot find someone to cheer you up on those blue days, this website will come in handy. And the music is catchy.

    Koalas to the max

    A digital game of coloring, this is one of those websites where you can actually do something. And it will certainly help you kill some time, as there is no limit to coloring and breaking circles in smaller circles.

    I Love you like a fat lady loves apples

    The goal here is to help the fat lady get the apple in her mouth. But it will take some maneuvering. Just another in the list of useless websites where you can do something for a minute, and then be gone.

    That’s the finger

    The funny thing here is you control which finger it will be. You have total control. So, which one you want to point? Think of it like a control exercise.


    I know many people that love purple. It is their favorite color. Well, for those purple people, this website is like a dream come true. Every product you can imagine made in purple color. Now, if that is not a website worth checking, I do not know what is.

    Falling guy

    You have a mission, and that mission is to stop the little guy from falling in the giant pit. Can you do it? Or will you let him fall and die?

    Grass grow

    Watching how grass grows is in the same category of useless website as popcorn popping or bacon sizzling.

    Into time

    Are you interested in some color relaxation therapy? We all need a minute or two to relax during the hard day at the office. Well, whenever you feel stressed, this website can actually help you relax. It might be one of the useless websites, but it comes in handy at the right time and place.

    Please Like

    Some people post pictures or videos on Facebook craving for a like. It is like they publish just so they can get more likes. Why don’t they just make a simple request, please like my post? All you have to do is once you visit this website is to like it, and then you can see what your friends on Facebook like.

    Draw a Pokemon

    For all the Pokemon fans out there, bless you. The Pokemon community is fairly large, and this websites tries to appeal to them. It takes between 45 and 60 seconds to draw a pokemon. Are you ready to test your artistic skills?

    The Best Dinosaur

    Dinosaurs are extinct, but they are still part of popular culture. We all have a favorite dinosaur, but who do you think the internet has chosen for the best dinosaur? Click the website and find out. And that is all you can do, stare at the Dino!

    I am Awesome

    Need a little boost to your self-confidence? This website can provide that. Just click it, and you’ll find out that it is true, you are awesome!

    Slap Kirk

    Captain Kirk is an iconic character. But every now and then, I am sure you wanted to slap him and teach him a lesson. Now, you can do just that. And you can also slap his best friend and partner, Spock.

    Random Things To Do

    Whenever you feel bored, you can something random to feel better. Well, if you lack an idea, this website will provide it. Send to your colleagues and friends to give them an idea how to spend the day as well.

    Ten Cents

    Nothing to do at work, and you just need to see a random funny or great picture? Well, here is a picture of the ten cents. Look at it, and continue your day.

    Rainbow dogs

    Who doesn’t know the rainbow cat? You’ve probably been away from the internet for the past 10 years and more if you do not know the cat. Well, this is a dog version of it. So many dogs, you’ll say OMFG what is wrong with all these dogs at one point!

    Do nothing for 2 minutes

    The idea behind most useless websites is to kill two minutes of your time. The question is, can you stand still for two minutes, and actually do nothing? Well, this website will test your perseverance. If you do anything, the counter will reset.

    Dog Gifs

    Gifs are more and more popular, and dogs are jumping on the popularity train. In the long list of useless websites, some dog gifs are a nice refreshment.


    A colorful Zombi, and a voice that is creepy and funny in the same time. What more can you ask? You might be bored after 10 seconds, but still, a funny website.

    Pay for Nothing

    There was a time people in Barcelona sold “air” in a glass jar. Essentially, it was nothing inside, but people believed that they take back home the fresh air from Barcelona. A smart way of making people pay for nothing. Well, this website takes things up a notch. Think of a cool way to tell your friends they spend way too much money on unnecessary things.


    Imagine trying to come up with a password that is hard to crack. And you have someone on your head telling you that the password just won’t cut it. Like, your relatives for example. Can you come up with a password that will satisfy them?

    Cannot Tweet This

    Once you actually click it to tweet, the caption is “Taking annoying social media spamming to the next level”. Well, that will teach those spammers a lesson, right?

    How to spell definitely

    One of the hardest words for spelling in the English language. People make constant mistakes trying to spell definitely. Well, this website will show you all the errors you might be making. And teach you how to spell correctly.

    Grandpa with no clothes

    Starring at an image of an old guy with no clothes definitely makes the list of useless websites. It is a bit weird, but you are not here looking for intelligent things to do.

    42 Scanwiches

    Just a digital way to express your love for sandwiches. Just find your favorite sandwich, and you’ll get all the information on it, the ingredients, and even a HD-quality picture. Food porn at its finest!

    43 Click

    If you were ever suspicious that you are being monitored while browsing a website, now you have your answer. This website provides an insight into how you’re being monitored while browsing. Click is a user-browser interaction events.

    44 Ringing telephone

    Someone is on the telephone, and you have to answer. Be quick, or he/she might hang up. Say Hello!

    45 Corn dog on a corn dog

    Is there anything better than one corn dog? Well, two corn dogs of course. And with that little sauce in between, you have a perfect meal. At least you can watch at it!

    46 I am a ninja

    Open the website, and you are welcomed by a black screen. Test your ninja skills and try to find hidden mysteries.

    47 Corgi in the house

    The Corgi has become one of the more popular internet dogs and memes in recent years. Now, if you want to get sick of corgis, just open this website. Think of it as a corgi orgy!

    48 Patience is a virtue

    If you want to test how patient you are, this website will provide the tools for that. You will finally see how it was for those 90s kids when the internet was quite slow, and it took some minutes for a website to load. Looking at “website loading” is just a painful.

    49 Leek spin

    It is just hard to fully understand this website. At least it has catchy music. But it is definitely a way to waste some time.

    50 Nelson HA HA

    With all these useless websites, it is only logical that we finish with something funny at the end. You deserve one big hahahaha from Nelson.

    What do you think ?

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    1. Best list ever! Had me laughing all morning) Thanks for making it! really. People have come up with crazy ideas with these sites. I didn’t realise I had spent over an hour just checking these links out. Nice job on these really weird collections.


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