16 TV Shows To Watch If You Love “One Tree Hill”

    One Tree Hill is a show about 20-something group of people that are trying to find answers to common life questions and keep their dreams alive. And while life tries hard to separate them, characters in the show try hard to keep their friendship intact. There are different types of characters, all with their own set of problems.

    The best part about One Tree Hill is that it is a show for both TV series fanatics and comedy die-hard fans. And if you are done watching One Tree Hill, and you are looking shows like One Tree Hill, it is time to check Netflix and some other streaming services. Here are some shows that show groups of people sharing experiences as they work towards defining what their lives will be.

    Dawson’s Greek

    This is a captivating teen show, but do not let that fool you. Dawson’s Greek is an adult drama series. Friends come and go, feelings change, and one must find a way to suffer through all the growing pains. The show shows how characters have to help each other to cope with adolescence. It begins in high school, and follows the characters up to their college life.

    Orange is the new black

    A little more drama than other shows like One Tree Hill. Released in 2013, Orange is the New Black quickly captivated viewers. The show’s main character, Piper Chapman is serving 15 years of prison sentence. She is convicted of an old crime of transporting cash to a drug dealer, who happens to be a friend of hers. Even though the show is set in prison, there are a lot of flashbacks to keep you glued to the TV screen. Is there a way to survive in prison? The show certainly shows you one.

    Vampire Diaries

    If you are into teen drama series, and you like vampires and similar mythical creatures, you must catch the Vampire Diaries. The series is set in a fictional city filled with supernatural creatures. In addition to vampires, there are witches, half-breeds, werewolves, and much more. Full of suspense and drama, the Vampire Diaries will definitely keep you entertained.


    One of the best shows about Clark Kent. Unlike other Superman series and movies, Smallville focused on Clark, and his rise to becoming Superman. The teenage superhero, Clark is a Kryptonian raised by humans. He was taught in the human ways, and advised to keep his powers secret in public. He was advised to keep his powers secret until the time was right. Smallville definitely humanizes Superman, one of the most popular and iconic comic book superheroes. And it is filled with real life drama.

    Friday Night Lights

    A teenage show that focuses on football. Set in a fictional town, Friday Night Lights focuses on typical teenage football player. The main character tries to balance his personal life with his obligations in the community. Dealing with an increasingly stubborn family, Eric Tylor is a coach who has to cope with family affairs and his team’s issues.

    Gossip Girl

    The show that showed us just how much of our lives are being under the microscope. Things are even more advanced now, with all the social media, smartphones, applications and so on. If you ever felt that you are being watched, just check Gossip Girl. The show starts with a group of wealthy teenagers in high school, but continues up to their college lives and so on. The main cast matures and evolves slowly through the show, allowing you to see their full evolution. If nothing, you will enjoy the clothes.


    The motto of the show is “college, it is a rush”. The main cast grew up together, and they figure out what they want to do in life. The main two characters are just the opposite. You have Rusty, the geek brother, and Cassie, the most beautiful and hot girl in the school. Full of drama, the show focuses on oppression of the weak in campus life.

    New Girl

    Few shows like One Tree Hill allow a main female character grow and mature as much as New Girl allowed Jess. The main character breaks up with her long-term boyfriend, and then she finds roommates on Craigslist. She ends up sharing an apartment with three other guys, resulting in hilarious plot line. How all of the four characters work together is a mystery. They couldn’t be more different. The show is just one awkward moment after another, leaving you amused and entertained for hours. In the same time, the show touches on real life problems that will leave you thinking.

    How I Met Your Mother

    The show that many believe is the modern copy of Friends. And that is partly true. There are so many similarities between How I Met Your Mother and Friends. The former is set up in New York City as well, with a group of six people hanging together in a bar. Ted, the main character, tells his children the story of how he met their mother some 20+ years ago. But what makes the show so entertaining is the human aspect of it. The show touches on so many real life issues, with each character bringing drama to the table. How hard is it to be a mother? How is the life of a single person? Is being a playboy that much satisfying? All of these are answered by the show.

    Beverly Hills 90210

    This is the ultimate teenage series you can find. Beverly Hills 90210 is the modern version, not the old version you might remember. Moving from Kansas to Beverly Hills, Wilson finds new friends, and finds out things are much more different. There is good different, and bad different.

    Gilmore Girls

    A multigenerational drama, Gilmore Girls is perfect for people of all ages. A mix of dreamers, artists, and everyday folk take part in the storybook Connecticut town. If you want dramatic shows like One Tree Hill, this is the one to watch. Most of the series is centered around the Dragonfly Inn, but also follows the main character through her life at Yale University.

    Melrose Place

    An oldie but goldie, that is what you can say about Melrose Place. The show aired in the 90s, from 1992 to 1999. The focus is on young people living in the sunny California. The show portrays complicated relationships, romance, and drama. And the best part is it lasts forever.

    Pretty Little Liars

    The show ended in 2017, and it caused a lot of drama with the finale. The show ran for 7 years, and it is all about four teenage girls. One of their friends disappears without warning as the show starts. And then you jump through time when all four of them are living different lives. But an unknown number starts sending them strange messages. Is the ghost from their past haunting them?

    The Secret Circle

    You probably never heard of this show. But you should definitely have. The show is based on a book by L.J. Smith. The teen and supernatural drama ran for only one season, but it was very much enjoyable. The story revolves around young girl who moves into a new town and lives with her grandmother. After school starts, she realizes that all of the students are actually witches. While predictable at times, the Secret Circle still offered quite a lot of entertainment.


    Many of the shows like One Tree Hill have teenagers as main cast. But Suits is the show you want to watch with adults, not teenagers. A legal drama, the story follows Mike Ross and Harvey Spencer, two attorneys with a unique reason to be doing what they do. For example, Harvey is forced to work after getting caught with drugs. On the other hand, Mike is a brilliant college dropout.

    Life Unexpected

    Sometimes, life handles you something you could never imagine it would happen. That is exactly what happens to Lux, a fifteen year old girl that bounces from foster home to foster home. She wants to get emancipated, and she then discovers her real father. He was unaware he even has a daughter. Family matters and growing up are the two main plot lines.

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