31 DIY Hanging Shelves Perfect for Every Room in Your Home

    Today we’re going to talk about hanging shelves. As in, one of the best, and arguably easiest, ways to add extra storage. And the best part is that hanging shelves are good for any room. I see people add them mostly in the kitchen.

    Many think that hanging shelves aren’t decorative enough. People think hanging shelves don’t bring a visual appeal to the interior. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. And today, I’m going to prove to you that hanging shelves can be just as decorative as anything else. And they are more practical. So, let’s go.

    1. Chain and Hook Hanging Shelves

    Let’s start with something simple. Perfectly suited for the entryway, if you ask me. However, you can add it to any room.

    2. Glass Window Shelving

    Hanging shelves are usually made from wood. But glass can be a good option as well. And when you position it close to a window, glass is an even better option. The only downside is that glass is harder to clean.

    3. Vintage Ladder Hanging Shelf for Kitchen Storage

    I told you that hanging shelves are mostly reserved for the kitchen, as it’s one place where you can experiment with different styles. As long as it looks good, everything is great. Guests don’t enter your kitchen often, so you can experiment. And in that spirit, we go with a rustic element like a ladder.

    4. Ring and Rope Hanging Shelves

    Minimalism is often the approach for hanging shelves. Especially if you’re working in a contemporary-style interior. In that case, you don’t want to overdecorate; you want one item that blends in.

    5. Rod and Wood Shelving for the Laundry Room

    The laundry is another room where you can experiment with styles. Here you want to be more practical than decorative. And that’s all right. Guests enter your laundry room less often than the kitchen. You can add as many hanging shelves as you want.

    6. Hanging Shelf with Long Double C Hooks and Eye Bolts

    Yes, this one is in the bathroom. But you can use it in any room. The beauty of these shelves is in the hooks; they add that very much wanted industrial-style touch to your interior. And they do it in a subtle way.

    7. Leather Belt and Wood Hanging Shelf

    You want some rustic and vintage elements? I have that for you as well. I’m sure you never thought your belt could be used for an interior design DIY project. Right? Well, think again. Any object in your house is a subject for DIY projects.

    8. Hanging Wire Multi-Shelf

    Shelves like this one are perfect for the bathroom. You can utilize them for storing towels and other bathroom essentials. And the color and style of the shelves are perfect for the bathroom, since most bathrooms are painted in white.

    9. Timber Slab Hanging Shelf

    We have another modern, contemporary-style shelf here. Yes, it’s made of wood. But the minimalistic approach is what makes it perfect for a modern-style decorated home. To be fair, this shelf might not provide lots of storage room. But it sure adds flair and style!

    10. Pallet Boho Hanging Shelf

    I’ve written in length about what you can do with wooden pallets. They are one of the most versatile objects in the DIY business. Here, we utilize them for shelves that emphasize the boho chic style. Yes, that same boho style that was popular on fashion shows a year or two ago.

    11. Hanging Triangle Shelf

    Again, the trick here is not to get lots of storage room. It’s all about using shelves as a decorative item. I said at the beginning that if you do them right, hanging shelves can bring visual appeal. Well, I think I’ve proven my point few times by now.

    12. Leather Cord and Wood Hanging Shelves

    When it comes to DIY projects, people tend to use what they have in their home. And that’s fine. After all, we don’t want you going to the store and buying all the ingredients. The trick is to recycle and re-use some items. And that’s how shelves like this one are born.

    13. Floating Planter Shelf

    I have a wooden serving plate at home, as I’m sure most of you do. And I’m sure almost all of you use it to serve cheese and some ham, salami, or prosciutto. But that same wooden object can be used as a base for a hanging planter. And your flowers will look even more beautiful on it.

    14. Cooking Utensil Hanging Storage Rack

    This is one of the tricks I’ve talked about in my “how to save space in a tiny kitchen” article. Find it, there’s other useful stuff there. But back to the rack. You can use it not only for utensils, but for pots and pans as well.

    15. Hanging Photo Shelf

    We have some practical and some decorative ideas here. This one, for example, falls into the decorative category. You’ll find it is very easy to decorate your empty walls with hanging shelves and some flowers.

    16. Sisal Rope Hanging Shelves

    Another hanging shelf that is perfectly suited for the bathroom. We sort of forgot the bathroom up to now. But this one will help you organize almost all of your storage in the bathroom. That includes towels and some beauty products.

    17. Pallet Board Hanging Shelf

    You’ll notice that most wooden pallet objects are for the bathroom or the kitchen. Some people are just not confident enough to use wooden pallet objects in their living room (they think they don’t look good enough). But whatever the case, I’m sure you’ll find this shelf useful. I know I always need some organizational storage options in the bathroom.

    18. Hanging Table

    I love how some of the hanging shelves on this list look like a swing you can have in the backyard. This one might even be one. Jokes aside, the “swing table” is perfect for your porch. Or any other room where you want to drink coffee and relax.

    19. Hanging Planter

    You’ve probably noticed we had several hanging planters. The reason is that people living in apartments have so few options for flowers and plants. And hanging planters are one of the ways to bring some greenery into an apartment.

    20. Corner Rope Shelves

    As you can see, hanging shelves can also be positioned in the corner. And by doing that, you save a ton of space. The corner is usually considered “dead space,” but not anymore.

    21. Small Leather Hanging Shelf

    Hanging shelves don’t have to be big. You can hang even the smallest shelf. It’s all about the purpose and the goal you want to achieve. If you want to use them as a decorative item, they have to be small.

    22. Hanging Skateboard Make-Up Shelf

    When you were young, you probably enjoyed riding your skateboard. Nowadays, not so much. As a result, your skateboard is probably getting very dusty in the basement. Well, you can get it out and re-use it for a different purpose. Here is just one idea.

    23. Three Hanging Shelves Set

    A hanging shelf inside a hanging shelf inside a hanging shelf. Now that is something I’ve rarely seen! And it reminded me of that Xzibit meme that was popular a few years ago.

    24. Hanging Suitcase Storage Shelves

    Talk about having a lot of suitcases! Now this looks like a perfect idea to get a wardrobe cabinet in your bedroom. And doing that without a standard wardrobe. With so many suitcases, I’m sure you can fit all your clothes inside.

    25. Hanging Circle Shelf

    The shape of the hanging shelf is rarely a topic of discussion. But some people want something out of the ordinary. So, instead of going with the plain, standard and simple shelves, they go with some round and circle designs. Anything that works for you!

    26. Wooden Box Hanging Shelf

    Just look at that shelf and how awesome it looks. It is definitely a corner that will attract the eye. I’m certain people will look at it the moment they enter your home. And that’s definitely something you want.

    27. Rope, Wood and Pipe Hanging Shelves

    I love when people combine several styles. That applies to this hanging shelf, which utilizes metal (industrial style), wood (rustic), and then some rope (vintage style). Some people are just great at mixing and matching styles. And we can be thankful they share their ideas.

    28. Marble Hanging Shelf

    Marble is another unconventional material you can use for hanging shelves. People rarely use marble for such a project. The reason is simple: marble is one of the more expensive materials, so you don’t want to waste it on a shelf. But if you have some extra marble lying around, go for it!

    29. Hanging Storage Shelves

    In the same way we had a bedroom with suitcases, we now have a living room arrangement with hanging shelves. You don’t need an entertainment center and a TV. These shelves can occupy that wall.

    30. Hanging Fruit Shelves

    Fruit shelves are one of the most common hanging shelves. They are so practical in the kitchen. But you can fill the shelves with anything else as well. Don’t limit yourself to fruit.

    31. Hanging Moving Bookshelves

    Being that hanging shelves are mostly known for their practicality, I want to finish the article with the most practical item—a movable hanging shelf. Is there anything more you could ask for than a shelf you can move around as you need it? I thought not!

    I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to share your ideas with us.

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    1. I would like to purchase those long double c hooks used in the bathroom photo. (6. Hanging Shelf with long double c hooks and eye bolts). Where can I find them?


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