30 Creative Ways to Store Toilet Paper

    Let’s be honest for a second. Toilet paper is not the most decorative item in the bathroom. In fact, it can be downright ugly. But it is an essential item we must have in the bathroom. So what can you do? Well, I believe that even the ugliest item can be turned into a decoration.

    In that spirit, I want to share some ideas as to how you can store the toilet paper in your bathroom. Are you ready for some art and magic? Let’s go!

    1. Wire Plant Stand Turned Bathroom Storage

    Some stands in the bathroom can be quite useful. The trick is to find a way to store several items on an understated stand. This one, for example, stores most of the essential items one needs in a bathroom, including toilet paper and towels.

    2. Under the Sink Toilet Paper Storage

    If you want to hide the toilet paper, the area under the sink is your best option. It’s also one of the best areas for adding extra storage. It’s up to you how and for what you use that extra storage space. In this case, we use it for toilet paper.

    3. Wall Mounted Diamond Toilet Paper Storage

    The downside here is that you always have to have lots of toilet paper stored. And that’s something not many people have. To be honest, I know lots of people who buy toilet paper in bulk when they find them on sale (after all, it’s an item you can never have enough of). And this way, you turn your rolls of toilet paper into a piece of art.

    4. Toilet Paper Holder Next to Laundry Machine

    Another clever way to hide the toilet paper. The laundry machine makes this possible, as you need just a little space. And your guests won’t see it the moment they enter the bathroom.

    5. Tin Toilet Paper Holder with Floral Design

    If you really want to get artistic, drawing something is the best option. Whatever drawing you make, it will distract people from the fact that you use that object for storing toilet paper. Great way to be creative, isn’t it?

    6. Cabinet Door Toilet Paper Holder

    The cabinet door and the under-the-sink area are almost identical in their purpose. Both can serve as extra storage space—it’s just a matter of preference as to where you want to hang/store your items. Some prefer the sink and the cabinet walls, some prefer the door.

    7. Hat Boxes as Toilet Paper and Towel Storage

    Again, we have toilet paper and towels organized and stored together (a current trend in bathroom decoration). The difference is only how and where you store these two together. Some choose stands and racks, others go with a more creative way. Like this one, for example.

    8. Toilet Paper Weight-Bearing Arch

    We have another way to store your abundance of toilet paper. Some of the options on this list demand you have at least 10 rolls of toilet paper, and this is one of them. If you love to buy in bulk, you will definitely find a way to store your toilet paper!

    9. Basket Toilet Paper Holder

    Baskets are always decorative. There is no denying that whatever you put inside, it will look good from the outside. And that’s why baskets are a great creative and decorative solution for storing toilet paper.

    10. File Holder as Toilet Paper Holder

    Another subtle, yet very creative, way to store toilet paper. The good thing is that you have the paper at arm’s reach.

    11. Glass Wall Partition Filled with Toilet Paper

    We move into the contemporary aspect of storing toilet paper. When you are in a contemporary or modern apartment, that same style moves to the bathroom as well. And even storing toilet paper becomes a thing of beauty.

    12. Wooden Toilet Paper Storage Cabinet

    Wooden storage cabinets are very popular in the bathroom. For starters, wood is a material that is resistant to the conditions in the bathroom, like steam and dampness. And even more importantly, wood is definitely a thing of beauty. No matter which wooden piece you add to the room, it instantly adds flair.

    13. Cloud Toilet Paper Holder

    At first glance, this solution looks simple. But it is a thing of beauty. A sort of a mosaic from toilet paper, made in your bathroom. And with that, it falls into the modern style category.

    14.  Whitewashed Storage Rack with Towel Bar Hooks

    I’ve written about similar ideas for saving space in the bathroom. The trick is to make use of the height of your room and add some hanging shelves. But the important aspect here is to have the toilet paper at the lowest shelf, so that you can reach it at any time.

    15. Wicker Basket as Toilet Paper Holder

    I said previously that baskets are always a nice idea. They make your bathroom look much more decorative and unique. And the best part is that you can create your own baskets if you want to take things to the next level.

    16. Wooden Toilet Paper Holder and Storage

    You can conveniently place this holder in the bathroom, and nobody will notice. And you’ll have some of the essentials at arm’s reach. Plus, as we mentioned, wood is always a good idea.

    17. Wall Mounted Basket Toilet Paper Storage

    With that poster above the toilet storage, nobody will even notice the toilet paper. You really create an optical illusion, drawing the eye towards the poster. And at the same time, your toilet paper is safely and securely stored in your bathroom.

    18. CD Rack Converted to Toilet Paper Storage

    I think it was forever ago when we had CD racks. Few people still listen to music from CDs, but they do still have the racks at home. Which is why you can recycle those CD racks for something more useful—as storage room for your toilet paper, for example.

    19. Vacuumed Toilet Paper Storage Solution

    If you really want to save space, vacuuming is the best way to do it. Just like when you pack and suck the air out of the clothing bag, do that with the toilet paper as well. To be honest, I do believe you have more than enough space for toilet paper, but hey, you never know.

    20. Metal Wall Toilet Paper Holder

    We had a few modern solutions so far on the list. And now we have another one. Metal is practically a staple material for a metal interior style. In the bathroom, it looks even better, considering most of the furniture already has metal.

    21. Storage for Extra Roll of Toilet Paper

    A simple and elegant trick—sometimes that’s all you need in your bathroom. For those of you who want to stick to simplicity, here is a great solution.

    22. Oatmeal Canister as Toilet Paper Holder

    Since we are talking about DIY projects, we must recycle some objects, right? After all, that’s the main idea of DIY projects. Taking something that’s collecting dust in the basement and turning it into a new and shiny decorative piece.

    23. Ladder with Wire Baskets Bathroom Storage

    Adding a ladder in the bathroom (or in any room, for that matter) is one of the most common ways to add storage space. You can never go wrong with a ladder. You get storage not only for your toilet paper, but for your towels and everything else.

    24. Pocket Hanging Toilet Paper Storage

    Hanging solutions are a bit underrated. Which is why I wanted to show you a way to make it work. After all, we have hanging beds in the bedroom. Why not hanging storage for toilet paper in the bathroom?

    25. Toilet Paper Wall Storage Solution with Long Nails

    Probably the easiest and the cheapest solution you can find. Four nails, a hammer, and you’ve done a good job. Of course, you need longer nails, but you can easily find them.

    26. Toilet Paper Tree

    Some people are just more artistic than others. And that’s great. Because without them, we wouldn’t have ideas like this one. If you want to take your contemporary style to the next level, plant a tree in your bathroom!

    27. Extreme Toilet Paper Holder

    This is taking the nail idea to the max. Why store one toilet paper roll on one nail, when you can store three on a “longer nail.” If you want to ensure that you will never run out of toilet paper in the bathroom, try this idea. Even if you forget to restock one line, you will always have two more lines of toilet paper.

    28. Wire Basket Toilet Paper Storage

    We had a few basket ideas so far. But they were all with wooden baskets. Well, baskets can be made out of wire as well (and out of many other materials). It all comes down to your preferences. Or, for some people, what they have at home. If you have extra wire, use them. If you have extra wood, use that.

    29. Above Toilet Seat Toilet Paper Storage

    Another solution that promises you will never run out of toilet paper in the bathroom. Again, the trick is to utilize the height of the room. This idea only works if you have high ceiling, though.

    30. Question Mark Toilet Paper Storage

    We finish off with another artistic and creative solution. The question mark is definitely a symbol that looks awesome, no matter where you put it (pun intended).

    That’s all for today, and I hope you found some useful tips for storing ugly toilet paper in the bathroom.

    What do you think ?

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    1. Hi Alexander,
      That was a great idea and a lot of inspiration.
      So many lovely ideas you have here. I am inspired to go out and create in my bathroom. Thanks so much for sharing them!


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