24 Uplifting Breast Cancer Tattoos For Survivors And Supporters

    Cancer is a terrible thing to experience. What is even worse that cancer effects not only the patient, but those around him/her as well. And it is exhausting on both of them. That being said, many people nowadays survive cancer due to the advance in medicine. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, with statistics showing that 10% of women in the US develop cancer in their lifetime. To show support, many people opt for breast cancer tattoo. But survivors do as well. Here are some tattoos suitable for the opportunity.

    Black cat mastectomy tattoo

    Cats have nine lives; at least that is the symbolism and the belief. That is why a cat is a great symbol for breast cancer survivors, and for supporters as well. Just make sure you tell the story right, and pay attention to the colors.

    “I am the hero of this story” tattoo

    Simple, elegant and powerful, those are the words that can be used to describe this tattoo. Sometimes, all you need to do is say the words, and avoid symbols. Such is the case here.

    Rose vine breast tattoo

    Rose vine is as feminine symbol as they come, and you can often see it on women. Roses are often associated with immortality, which is what people with cancer would love to achieve.

    Upper back pink flowers and ribbon tattoo

    Most of the times, cancer survivors and supporters use their breast area for tattoos. But other parts can do just as good job, and we see here how the upper back works. Ribbons are a common symbol, but this tattoo takes things up a notch with roses and everything.

    Keep fighting and believing tattoo

    As I said earlier, sometimes words are more powerful than symbols. Sometimes, however, words and symbols are better used combined, and such is the case with this ribbon above the powerful message.

    Black tribal pink ribbon tattoo

    You might notice a pattern, with pink ribbons taking almost 80% of the ideas for breast cancer tattoos. One thing to take the tattoo to another level is tribal style and decoration, designed for bolder and more courageous women. Roses are sophisticated, and tribals are revolutionary and rebellious.

    Pink lotus breast tattoo

    Lotus is a symbol for purity, a way of detaching oneself from the strings that keep you. For example, the lotus detaches itself from water, and cancer survivors detach themselves from the disease that made their life miserable for a time.

    Lovely double mastectomy heart tattoo

    Another inspiring story here. You know the saying, behind every good tattoo there is even better story. The saying applies perfectly here.

    Pink ribbon hope tattoo

    The pink ribbon can actually be used as the letter “o” in words. Here we see an elegant usage of the ribbon in writing the word “hope”, something that every cancer patient needs and wants.

    Pink ribbon rosary tattoo

    A little Christian touch to the classic pink ribbon tattoo, with a cross ending, the rosary helps keep count of Hail Marys said. And let’s be honest, in dark times facing cancer, some people devote their life to prays.

    Pink ribbon tribute tattoo


    You never know who will be the person that will give the biggest support during cancer. For some people, that is their partner. For some, friends are the biggest support. Or their parents. For this girl, for example, her grandma was her support, so she decided to honor her.

    Golden heart and pink ribbon tattoo

    Very neat addition to the pink ribbon tattoo, the golden heart shows a personal connection to a cancer survivor or victim in a special way like no other symbol.

    Upper Back Hope Dream And Believe Breast Cancer With Colorful Wings Tattoo

    Hope, dream, and believe, those are usually the words cancer patients hear all the time. The only one missing is faith, but believe has a similar meaning. With the wings on the sides, this girl is ready to fly off to a different world where there is no cancer.

    Hand tattoo with hear and pink ribbon

    You rarely see a breast cancer tattoo on your hand, but it definitely looks inspiring. The heart shows a personal attachment and love for the person suffering from cancer.

    Pink ribbon hope tattoo

    Elegant, sophisticated and simple tattoo that sends a powerful message. Hope is always a good option for a cancer tattoo, and the pink ribbon complements the tattoo perfectly.

    “Live” cancer ribbon tattoo

    Same as with “hope”, the pink ribbon can be used as a letter in another word, and that is “live”. The ability to survive cancer and continue with their life is something that many cancer patients would love to do. The hardest part, for some, is the point after surviving cancer. How to continue living?

    Cancer fighting tattoo

    I love this tattoo. I always say that girls and women are stronger than men, and they fight with more patience and perseverance. And that includes fighting with a disease. So, fight like a girl!

    Grey Ink Rose And Birds Ribbon Cancer Tattoo On Side Rib

    This tattoo is a little big for my taste, but I can’t help but say it is perfectly executed. Birds carrying the ribbon, it just reminds in that scene with Snow white and the dwarfs when Snow has the birds helping her.

    Mom tribute pink ribbon tattoo

    The same applies for this tattoo as well. It is a bit too bold and color popping, but when you want to do a tribute for your mother, you just go all-in.

    Butterfly and flower cancer tattoo

    Change, joy and color, those are the main symbolism meanings associated with butterflies. And cancer does change you in so many different ways. Add in the pink ribbon and you’ve got very elegant and colorful tattoo.

    Back shoulder pink ribbon and butterfly tattoo

    Another butterfly and pink ribbon tattoo, but with a little twist, and that is the aureole sign above the ribbon. Again showing connection with Christ and praying, the tattoo brings in Faith as key factor in fighting cancer.

    Cancer fighting quote tattoo

    If you want to find an inspiration for a quote cancer tattoo, here you are. There are tons of quotes, so just find the one suitable for you.

    Toy army breast cancer tattoo

    Cancer patients literally need an army helping them. Everyone around them is affected, and everyone plays a role in helping patients survive the disease. Army men carrying a pink ribbon flag is a perfect way to illustrate the process.

    Pink ribbon mastectomy tattoo SCAR project

    Another pink ribbon tattoo, this one with some wings to show the ability to fly and detach from the problems around you.

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