Learn 20 Cool Ways To Wear A Headscarf This Summer

    Raise your hand if you would like to get up early in the morning and do your hair. How many of you want that? I thought the number would be small.

    Let’s be honest, we are all looking for a quick fix solution for our hair. And we want to find a solution that is stylish and fashionable in the same time. There is no better way to get your hair in place than a headscarf.

    With a headscarf, you won’t need a new hairdo every day. Just tie the scarf around your head and you will look fashionable. To deal with bad hair day in the summer, get yourself a headscarf. Today, I will give you several ideas how to wear your scarf.

    1. Twisted Front Tie Headband

    Basically, the most simple and easy way to wear a headscarf. Think of it as a hairdo with a headscarf. You will look like a Parisian girl, and there is no better look than that.

    2. Bowtie Turban

    Turban is another popular way to wear your scarf. It gives your look an exotic and delicate touch. Let’s be honest, turbans are a saving space for your bad hair day. The regular turban might look too ethnic, so I suggest you tweak it. The bowtie makes you look cute, adorable, fashionable, and elegant, all in the same time.

    3. Headband From Large Scarf For Tied Hair 

    The good thing about headscarf? You can use your regular long scarf as well. This is one of the tricks soldiers and women use to cover their head in extremely hot climates like Africa. You’ll see a lot of soldiers doing this very similar trick. And for this style, the more colorful your scarf is, the better.

    4. Flower Tied Bandana

    Bandana makes you look cute and romantic. You will look like a teenager, but in her adult years. I remember Carrie from Sex and the City wearing several different styles of headscarves. This was one of my favorites.

    5. Tuck And Cover Half Updo

    How many of you thought you can actually make a braid with your headscarf? Well, if you didn’t believe it before, here is a proof. A stylish way to get your hair in place.

    6. Beach Headscarf

    When you are on the beach, you want as much of your hair covered as possible. After all, you need to protect your head from those sunrays. I suggest using a headscarf to cover your head. Think of it as two in one purpose. You protect yourself, and you look stylish in the same time. Is there anything better?

    7. The 30 Second Turban

    People think that getting a turban is complicated. Well, news flash. It is not. Getting a turban from your headscarf is relatively easy, and everyone can do it. Just so that you understand how easy it is, I’ve provided you with a 30-second step by step guide. You can thank me later. For now, get yourself a turban and look stylish.

    8. Headband On Loose Hair

    The best part about headscarf is that you can tame any hair type. No matter if your hair is loose or not, you can tame it. And sometimes, the headscarf looks even better on loose hair. Of course, that applies only when you have relatively long hair.

    9. Faux Updo Hairdo For Short Hair

    This is so Audrey Hepburn style. I love it. A true Parisian girl look. And the best thing is, you can do it with short hair. Women with short hair usually avoid wearing headscarves. Well, you have no reason for avoiding it any more.

    10. Turban With Front Swirl 

    Yes, this is a bit of an ethnic style. But do you mind? Do not be a racist. Wearing a headscarf in different styles is fun. And besides, you can try it and get out of your comfort zone for once.

    11. Scarf Bun Hairstyle 

    One of the easiest ways to get away with bad hair is to get a bun. With that in mind, why not go a step further. Yes, I am talking about a headscarf bun. You know you like it. And the best part is, I’ve given you a tutorial how to make it.

    12. Vintage Lady Wrap

    Another style that was popularized by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Truth be told, she used this trick to look unnoticeable. Nowadays, women wear scarf to be more noticeable in public. And you know you will make a statement with it.

    13. Loop Headband Headscarf 

    Most of the head scarf styles are actually quite simple. Take this one for example. All you do is tie a loop around your head. And just see how much difference it makes. In a second, you look stylish. Before that, you probably looked like the sea washed you away.

    14. Rope Twisted Turban Over High Bun

    The turban is one of the most popular and commonly used styles for headscarf. It is no surprise that we have so many different sub-styles for wearing a turban. This one sets your hair in an updo, with a braid twist around.

    15. Pirate Bandana

    What I love about the Pirate bandana is that it makes you look urbane. Like, a true city girl. You look ferocious, and bold in the same time. Not many styles can help you achieve that look. There are several different ways to tie a pirate bandana. And you can try all of them. Experiment until you find the right look for you.

    16. Fabric Maiden Braid

    You do not even need a true “real” headscarf to tie your hair. As you can see, any stylish and fashionable fabric will do the trick. I love when you use the fabric to tie it with your hair.

    17. Simple Front Tied Turban 

    Simple and elegant, this is a style Alicia Keys popularized it recently. For those of you that haven’t seen her in a while, she wore this style several times during The Voice. And when Alicia Keys wears something, you try to mimic that as close as possible.

    18. Braided Headscarf Crown Hairstyle 

    I’ve written an article about wedding hairstyles. The crown braid is one of the most popular wedding hairstyles. And now, I want to show you how to make that same hairstyle with the help of a headscarf. By doing that, you get a casual and everyday take on the wedding hairstyle.

    19. Braided Scarf Headband 

    Another headscarf style that Alicia Keys wears a lot. To be honest, she wears a headscarf often now. Maybe it is her way to look as natural as possible. If you do not know, she is now a huge supporter of all-natural look. Yes, that means no hairstyles, and no makeup. So, how to get a hairstyle for a messy hair? Well, with a headscarf of course.

    20. Scarf Hairstyles With Dutch Braid, Messy Bun, Half Updo And Other Styles

    I would like to finish the article with what I call four in one trick. Yes, that means four different tutorials and hairstyles with the same headscarf. I hope you enjoy it.

    And for the rest of you ladies out there, be sure to catch up on the headscarf trend. Send me your ideas and tricks for wearing a headscarf.

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