31 Stair Decor Ideas to Make Your Hallway Look Amazing

    When people ask how you can make your home beautiful and look amazing, I always answer, “Pay attention to every detail, and utilize every space of your home.” Now, I know that sounds like a cliché. And you’re right—it is a cliché.

    But what I mean with that is you have to think of unusual ways you can decorate your home. For example, how many of you pay attention to the staircase? I suspect that number is somewhere in the range of 2 in 10, or 3 in 30.

    And that’s where the problem lies. Have you heard the saying “you miss 100% of the shots you do not take”? The same is applicable to your home. Anything you don’t decorate, looks awful. Today, I want to share some ideas how you can turn your staircase into a wonderful area.

    1. Large Vintage Clock with Sitting Area

    I wrote an article about what you can do with the space under the stairs, and this idea is very similar to that. You can turn the staircase section into a small room just by adding some decorations. The seating area will come in handy, believe me.

    2. Colorful Painted Banister

    All you need is color. And about 30 to 60 minutes of your day. That will be enough to paint the banister of your stairs. There are many different options available, from shades of one color to the rainbow. Your choice.

    3. Alphabet and Framed Quotes Wall

    Make your staircase section look urban by adding a few letters. This way, you also show you are sophisticated and like to learn.

    4. Floral Stair Party Decor

    Flowers make everything better (there’s a reason why we decorate everything with flowers!). Anytime you wrap a gift, you try to add a flower. Well, why not add some flowers to your staircase? People usually add flowers for weddings, but you can do it anytime you want.

    5. Various Art in Same Colored Frame

    Show off your artistic side. You can add as many pictures as you like, as long as they keep have the same color frame. You can use different colors, but it won’t look as good.

    6. Quotes on Stairs

    Do you see how a simple and easy-to-make trick transforms your stairs? I would say choose the quote you like the most. For example, my favorite is “I am original, you cannot label me.”

    7. Nautical Rope Railing

    You make the stairs safer, more secure, and more beautiful at the same time. You can’t argue with the rope here.

    8. Family Wall on Underside of Stairs

    We’re moving to the space under the stairs again, and I love how some people use the space to pay tribute to their family. The staircase is usually the centerpiece of your home, and it’s a great place to hang family pictures.

    9. Floor to Ceiling Bookcase

    As you can see, the space under the stairs isn’t the only space you can use for a bookcase. The space above the stairs is just as good.

    10. Chevron Stairs

    I’m not a fan of chevron (I don’t like black and white—I prefer color). But I can’t argue the fact that it looks awesome. You instantly transform your stairs.

    11. Hanging Lanterns

    This is another trick that you can use for safety purposes as well. You want light on the stairs at night, and the lanterns will give you just that.

    12. Mirror Walls

    This one is a trick taken directly from the contemporary style playbook. Just look at the decorations, and the white wall is also in line with the contemporary style. It looks great.

    13. Piano Stairs

    In some imaginary world, when you step on the steps, they also play music. I know I said I’m not into black and white, but this decoration is just plain awesome. It’s great for people who love minimalism and simple decorations.

    14. Feature Wall and Statement Chandelier

    Well, if you want to make your home look glamorous and luxurious, nothing beats a crystal chandelier. It doesn’t even matter where you put it, although the stairs are usually the best place (especially if you want a long chandelier).

    15. Contemporary Art

    We had some contemporary decoration with mirrors, but now we are moving into contemporary art. And personally, I love contemporary art. It’s calming, relaxing, and comforting, and you can gaze at the pictures for hours.

    16. Rainbow Colored Stairs

    When we talked about the colored banister at the beginning, I said you could color it like a rainbow. But the banister is not the only thing you can paint; the stairs are also a good option.

    17. Washi Tape Decorated Stairs

    And speaking of colors and staircases, washi tape is also a good idea. If you don’t want to use paint (some people hate the smell and the fact that you can’t remove it easily), washi tape can be your choice. You can play with washi tape however you like. These decorations are just one idea. Just let your mind wander.

    18. Bold Colored Stairwell with Birds and Hanging Light

    You can easily say that blue is a bold color for the stairs. Violet also. But blue goes better with the bird decoration. The only risk here is that you might make the stairs the centerpiece of your entire home interior!

    19. Stair Runner Makeover

    There are so many options for a stair runner, and you can easily find inexpensive options at a store close to your home. You can choose from a variety of styles. For example, many have stair runners in the Victorian style, which is a bit more elegant.

    20. Pretty Pink Polka Dot Stairs

    Yes, it looks childish. But who cares if the stairs lead to the children’s room? And besides, who says we can’t be childish at times?

    21. Family Tree Wall Decal

    I mentioned previously how you can use the space under the stairs to hang family photos. But the wall right next to the stairs is another good option. And creating a family tree takes things to the next level.

    22. Gradient Stairs

    This is another idea in the spirit of painting the stairs. Use one color that you like the most, and paint the stairs in different shades of the color, starting from the darkest to the lightest tone.

    23.  Red Wall Staircase with Photo Frames

    When we talked about bold colors, I said violet can also be a good option. But nothing screams bold like red does. You bring high intensity to the wall, but that can be a good thing. If you are an energetic person, you want to show off your personality.

    24. Built-In Stair-Step Ledges

    This is something that requires that you plan ahead. Yes, you can add ledges once the stairs are done, but it is much easier and simpler if you plan it from the time you install the stairs.

    25. Gallery Wall

    We all have a gallery wall in our home. That’s the wall where we hang several small pictures, and they usually don’t follow the same theme. So, why not make the staircase your gallery wall?

    26. Vintage Eclectic Stair Decor


    There are just so many elements here. And yes, there are people who are happy living in such a chaotic environment. That’s not me, but I love providing all sorts of options!

    27. Vintage Window Frame Stair Decor

    In recent years, we’ve seen vintage elements in every interior. Modern and vintage are such a powerful and elegant combination, it would be a shame not to try it. And don’t worry—it does look tasteful.

    28. Staircase Wall Constellation

    As you can see, there are a number of ways you can make your stairs look contemporary. We had the mirrors, we had contemporary art, and now we have a lighting constellation. It all comes down to choosing your favorite option!

    29. Rope-Wrapped Railing

    We had some rope at the beginning, but it was a different design. This one is denser, and it takes security even further. But the most important aspect is that it adds a marine and nautical detail to your home. I can never have enough of that.

    30. Metallic Flower Wall Decor

    This design looks like it was taken directly from a theater. Theaters and art institutions love baroque designs like this one. And I think some baroque would look great in a home.

    31. Wallpapered Staircase

    We finish off with the simplest and easiest way to decorate your stairs: wallpaper. There are so many wallpaper options you can get at the store. And then all you have to do is glue the wallpaper to the stairs.

    I hope you found some ideas you can use. And even if you didn’t, I recommend you pay attention to the staircase. They can be so beautiful!

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