How to tell if a guy likes you – Look for the Subtle Signs

    Does he like me? Or does he not? Is he my guy friend? Or is he into me and wants more than just a friendship? You’ve been there ladies haven’t you? I know I have been there several times in my life, and truth be told, finding the answer to those questions is not easy one. But if you look for the subtle signs, you can easily tell if a guy likes you or not. In most cases, guys act like your friends to get to know you, find out your interests, and see if you two are a match. There is nothing wrong in that, but if you hate cat and mouse game and hate dragging out too much, it might be time to take things into your own hands. Of course, that is if you like the guy as well. Let me share with you some signs I’ve noticed over the years.

    1. He Initiates


    A guy that likes you will always try to initiate conversation. For example, when you are at a party, no matter if there are 5, 10 or 20 people in your social group, he will reach to you, find an excuse to talk just to you, and spend at least 10 to 20 minutes close to you. He might even ask questions that he doesn’t need to ask you. For example, he might ask if you can recommend someone because his company is hiring, or if you know someone looking for a roommate and similar questions that have nothing to do with the current party.

    2. Keeps the Conversation Going


    Speaking of asking questions, keeping the conversation alive and going is probably the most obvious sign for how to tell if a guy likes you. Expect for many pointless, sometimes even stupid questions that will keep the conversation going.

    3. He Listens and Remembers the Details


    Don’t just assume that your guy friend is asking questions pointlessly just to keep the conversation going. Quite the contrary, the guy that likes you is listening to what you are saying and he remembers the details. You can expect some details to come up after months of the previous conversation. He will show a genuine interest in your life, and will remember every single detail.

    4. He Notices


    When a guy likes you, whenever he sees you he notices everything on you: clothes, hair, shoes, accessories … everything! And he might be the first one to notice that you have a new hairstyle, or those earrings you are wearing tonight are new or he hasn’t seen them.

    5. Body Language


    Even the smoothest guy cannot control his body language. Simply put, your body and mind do not work together at all times. Even if he is smooth and trying to stay distant, his body language will betray him. For example, some body language tricks to notice is whether he mimics your body language. When he talks to you, a guy that likes you will often try to lean toward you so that he touches you in a subtle and gentle way. He will maintain eye contact and unconsciously, point his feet towards you. It’s like magic, just look at the feet and you’ll instantly know if a guy likes you.

    6. He will try to touch you


    A gentle stroke of the hair, a pat on the back, your legs crossing, bump in the shoulder, all those “accidentally” and not-accidentally touches show a man is into you. When you are sitting close, he will definitely try to touch you during the conversation. From my experience, guys usually like to stroke my hair. For example, I was talking to a guy once, and we were talking fashion and celebrities, and he goes “oh but you have hair like a celebrity” and then he strokes my hair. Look for similar subtle touches.

    7. Gentle Teasing


    Speaking of touches, more confident men go a step further, they tease you gently. He is actually looking for some feedback from you. He needs to know if you have some feelings for him as well. For example, when I was going to the gym, one guy was trying to check my biceps and see if I respond by checking his as well. I played the game, and you can as well. When it comes to teasing, guys usually like to joke around your body and whether they are in better shape than you.

    8. He Calls on Time


    If a guy tells you he will call at 7 pm, he will call at 7 pm. Not at 7:15, or 7:30, or 6:50. No, he will call you exactly at 7pm, barring some issues. But in 99.9% cases, he will find a way to call you at exactly the time he said.

    9. Texting and Question Marks


    I mentioned previously that once a guy likes you, he will try to keep the conversation going by asking questions. You can notice the same thing not only at a party but in texts as well. The pattern emerges, and he will try to end every text with a question.

    10. He Acts Different Around You


    As I mentioned, the body betrays the mind always. One sign you can look for in guys that like you is whether they are nervous or off their game when you are around. He might tone down his macho attitude, he might blush, and in general, he will act differently than when you are not around. Of course, there is no way to know how he acts when you are not around unless you have a mutual friend.

    11. He will Invite You to Group Things


    Inviting a girl to a group party is the easiest way for a guy to hang and spend some time with you. Truth be told, not all guys are courageous and bold to ask you to spend some time just the two of you. In most cases, a guy will ask you something like “We are going to a party tomorrow with some friends, you should come, it will be fun”. Or, “Me, Marta, Tom, Brady and a few others are going to play some pool, do you want to come”? In general, any group activity will do, and that way, if you say no, his pride won’t be hurt. In some cases, the guy asking you haven’t even planned the event, he is waiting for your response.

    12. He Compliments Your Appearance


    I said at the beginning that when a guy likes you, he notices everything on you. But more importantly, he makes sure you know he likes your appearance. Compliments are a way of telling you that, and more often than not, he will find something specific to compliment. Friends compliment you in general like “you look nice, handsome, stunning tonight”. But a guy that likes you will find something more specific like “I love those shoes and how they match your outfit”. It might be the same thing, but he tries to be different.

    13. He Compliments Your Personality


    Looks are one thing, but if you want to connect with someone on a deeper level, personality is the key. The guy that likes you might have been attracted to your looks at first, but after the initial contact, he is actually attracted to your personality. And he lets you know that. He will complete your personality, how you handle certain situations and so on. In other words, he is trying to let you talk more about yourself, and relate on a deeper and sincere level.

    14. The Shy Look


    There are smooth guys, and there are shy guys, and both can be attracted to you at the same time. But while smooth guys will keep their posture straight, shy guys simply cannot hide the shy look. They are forced to stare and gaze at you, and the moment you notice, they turn in another direction and look away. The pattern usually goes like this: he glances at you, then he glances away, looks at you, looks away when you notice and so on in a vicious cycle. Pretty obvious doesn’t it?

    15. He Tries to Impress You


    When a guy likes you, he tries to show he is good for you. And to do that, he will try to impress you in several ways. Some go the athletic route, like riding a dirtbike when they need to hang with you, while others will try to impress you with their mind. In both cases, the guy that likes you will show you everything he is proud of himself.

    16. He will Be on His Best Behavior


    I’ve had several guy friends tell me that when they like a girl, they have huge problems and challenges not to fart or burp out loud in front of them, at least not until the fourth or fifth date. You cannot beat biology and human nature. But if a guy hasn’t burped out loud 20 minutes after you’ve had a meal, he is holding back and trying to be on his best behaviour.

    17. Opening the Door


    Chivalry is not dead, believe me when I say it. Opening the door for the girl you like is an age-old chivalry trick, and several guys nowadays still use it. No matter if it is a house door or car door, he will find a way to open the door for you and let you in.

    18. He will Ask Whether you have a Boyfriend


    In a subtle way, every guy that is into you will try to find out whether you have a boyfriend or not. If you have mutual friends, he might ask them. However, in most cases, they will subtly ask you. For example, if you mention you were to the movies, he will ask who were you with, or whether you were there with your boyfriend.

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