How To Clean Timberlands With Home Ingredients

    Timberland boots were designed to get dirty. But that doesn’t mean you should walk around in dirt and stains. The perfect complement for your casual wardrobe during low temperatures, Timberland boots are some of the best footwear for working outdoors as well. The question today is how to clean Timberlands, since nobody wants to walk around in dirty shoes.

    Since the brand launched 40 years ago, Timberland boots are constantly rising in popularity. Their signature waterproof material and ability to withstand cold weather is what makes Timberlands popular among young and adult population. In addition to protecting your feet during the winter, Timberland boots are versatile enough to wear them in almost any occasion.

    However, same as any long-lasting and rugged footwear, Timberland boots also require regular cleaning and maintenance. Some even recommend you clean them once a week.

    So, how to clean Timberlands without spending too much money? Well, there are ways to do it with household ingredients.

    Prepare boots for cleaning

    The key in cleaning Timberland boots is in preparation. You need to prepare your boots by removing dirt and debris, because you won’t be able to clean them otherwise. Use a brush or a towel to brush off dirt particles. People often forget the bottom of the boots, but that part needs cleaning as well. Pay attention to the soles, as they can pick up some dirt and gravel. It can be brushed easily, you just need to pay attention to it.

    Any soft-bristle brush can do the trick for brushing off the dirt particles. Timberland sells specific brushes, but you do not have to buy those expensive brushes if you do not feel like to.

    Once you’ve brushed off dirt particles, make sure to remove the shoelaces and wash them by hand using warm soapy water. Wash your shoelaces until the dirt particles have been removed. Scrub them together with the soap and then soak them in warm water for a thoroughly clean. Your shoes are now ready for washing.

    Here are some methods you can use.

    Method 1

    One of the most common methods for cleaning Timberlands is with soap, toothbrush, and clean towel. That is just a handful of items, and your boots will shine like new. There are some variations, depending whether your boots are leather or suede. For the classic Timberland shoes, you need to first clean the bottom using the dish soap and toothbrush. Apply soap on the brush, and then brush the bottom of the shoes. Once the soles and the bottom are clean, leave them to dry before moving to the upper section. Use a soft cloth to apply mixture of dish soap and water, and then introduce the brush if there are stains. Last, wipe it off with a dry cloth, and let the boots to air dry.

    Method 2

    For the second method, you need pencil eraser, stale bread, toothbrush, and some baby wipes. The first step is same as in method one, and that means using the brush to remove dirt from the bottom and soles. Once the bottom is clean, use baby wipes to wipe the boots. Rub a crustless slice of stale bread over the remaining stains of the material, and with the pencil eraser wipe out scuffs.

    Method 3

    For this method, you’ll need gum eraser, cornmeal, white vinegar, and clean cotton rag. The method is suitable for stains on your boots. Start by removing small spots from the surface with the gum eraser. Gentry rub it in a circular motion on the affected area. Make sure not to press hard, since it could ruin the material.

    Step two is to sprinkle cornmeal onto the grease and oil-based stains. Press lightly with your hand, and let the solution sit for few minutes. Brush off the cornmeal. Last, use a clean cotton rag and dab it into white vinegar. Apply on the surface where there are stains.

    Last, but not least, use a toothbrush or any other soft-bristle brush to swipe away minor dirt and dust particles.

    Method 4

    This method is designed for leather Timberland boots. You need some dish detergent, lemon juice, cream of tartar, and body soap for the method for how to clean Timberlands.

    Start by squirting a tablespoon of dish detergent into a small bowl. Mix it with lukewarm water and then dip a clean cloth into the bath. Wipe the surface of the leather with the solution.

    Next step is to mix one part lemon juice and one part cream of tartar into a bowl. Blend until you get a smooth paste. Using a cotton cloth, wipe the solution across the leather and let it stay there for few hours. Wipe away with a dry cloth.

    Next step is to rinse a bar of moisturizing body soap under running water. When the soap is wet and lathery, apply it on the surface of the boots with circular motions. Let it dry, and then swipe it with fresh baby wipes. Your boots will be soft and conditioned thanks to the body soap.

    If all else fails

    If you cannot clean your Timberland boots with household items, you can always purchase a specific Timberland dry cleaning footwear kit. The premium shoes can get dirty, and the kit ensures you do not damage the material.

    Now, the manufacturer’s cleaning kit can be pricey. But that depends on you, and whether you are ready to pay extra. The kit contains a nylon brush, cleaner bar, and tools for removing dirt and grime. You can use it for leather and suede boots.

    The manufacturer’s guidelines for how to clean Timberlands are the following: brush to remove dirt, dust, and mud. Once the boots are debris-free, buff away stains with the cleaner bar. Apply the brush once again to clean remaining residue.

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