26 Hot Celebs With Even Hotter Bodyguards

    When you are hot looking celebrity walking on the streets of New York, Los Angeles and other cities in the United States and the world, you need to have someone taking care of your personal security. But since we are talking about celebrities here, the job description is more than “strong, muscular and smart”. You need to be really hot, almost the level of the star you are protecting.

    Having a bodyguard has become more than just a security measure for celebrities. Always looking for a new frontier for competition, they are now competing in who has the hottest bodyguard. And we are always there to take notice. Let’s see those hotties.

    1. Britney Spears

    Spears has a history with bodyguards. Her former bodyguard, Fernando Flores, filed a lawsuit against her. Flores claimed she teased him, flashing him and inviting him into the bedroom while naked. But that lawsuit was settled, and Spears is now under the personal security of another bodyguard. Spears’ bodyguard follows her everywhere, from shopping trips to time with her children. He is responsible for her whole family, not just her.

    2. Daniel Radcliffe

    Handsome, beautifully dressed, well-educated, and able to impress anyone, this is not your fairy tale boyfriend, it is Radcliffe’s personal bodyguard, Sam. The Hollywood actor has said that he employs security full-time. He needs a bodyguard not because he is afraid someone will mount an attack, but because he wants to feel secure. And lucky for him, his bodyguard is very nice.

    3. Petra Ecclestone

    Ecclestone’s bodyguard is among the few on the list that casually flashes his gun. Being the heir of a billion-dollar business surely makes you a target, and Ecclestone is concerned for her safety. While she might be dressed casually for a shopping trip, her bodyguard must be well-dressed and armored at all times.

    4. Kristen Stewart

    When you have an entire Facebook page dedicated to you, something has to be good. The young actress has worked with the same bodyguard for years now, and she constantly shares post on his fan favorite Facebook page. The Facebook page is completely dedicated to his beauty, not professional service.

    5. Adele

    Adele’s bodyguard, Peter van der Veen, is actually one of the popular choices among celebrities. Before taking over as head of the personal security for Adele, he was hired by Lady Gaga. The blue-eyed bodyguard is definitely one of the hottest on the list, and the singing sensation has him all for herself.

    6. Selena Gomez

    Selena also has had few hot bodyguards. This is her current sexy accessory, and unlike her previous one, he smiles. Her previous bodyguard, who was also handsome and hot, rarely smiled. Well, all her bodyguards must take the job extremely seriously.

    7. Lady Gaga

    Photographed here is Peter van der Veen, who we said is now working for Adele. Van der Veen had even deeper relationship with Gaga. He was featured in her track “Government Hooker.” The singer needed a robotic-sounding voice for the track, and van der Veen came in handy. Van der Veen is a former bodybuilder, as well as Mr. Europe, a title he won in 2005.

    8. Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt also have a full entourage of bodyguards and security. After all, someone has to take care of all their children. But the one pictured here is constantly beside Jolie, following her and escorting her everywhere she goes.

    9. Heidi Klum

    Klum’s relationship with Martin Kristen went from professional to personal in a matter of years. Martin was her bodyguard when she was married with Seal, and started working for the model in 2011. He was always there to protect her, and after Klum divorced Seal, she started dating Kristen. However, their relationship was short lived, and ended in 2014. Of course, both the professional and personal relationship ended.

    10. Amber Rose

    Her assistant might get to be “too free with his hand,” but he gets the job done. He is always there to provide assistance for one of the most popular celebrities in Hollywood. He accompanies her in nightclubs, shopping sprees and everywhere in between.

    11. Caitlyn Jenner

    Now that Caitlyn Jenner is a free woman, she has to get some protection. The former Olympic men’s champion has a hot bodyguard, who goes on shopping sprees around New York with him/her. Truth be told, after undergoing a gender transformation, Caitlyn has been a target among celebrities.

    12. Kendall Jenner

    Kendall has a “don’t mess with me” bodyguard who has a look that kills. We can forgive he wears a manbun, but his beard is irresistible. The identity of the sexy man is unknown, but he accompanied Kendall in Cannes earlier this year.

    13. Justin Bieber

    Bieber has also had his fair share of hot bodyguards. His former one, Hugo Hesny, was dismissed from service in 2015. Hesny was charged with robbery after he stole a photographer’s camera. Bieber now has another hot male friend to take care for him, pictured here.

    14. Katie Holmes

    Holmes always has a bodyguard that can be part of the movie industry. As long as Hollywood is asking for hot and handsome men, Holmes can provide them. That is, after they finish working for her and taking care of her security issues.

    15. Beyonce And Jay Z

    Beyonce is the only celebrity on this list that actually has two bodyguards. Her first and official bodyguard is Julius de Boer. He has been head of her security since 2008, and his role has grown with every passing month. At the beginning, he was accompanying the actress from just small trips to the airport, but he is now her partner for some major events including the Oscars after party. And for her second bodyguard, Jay Z steps in if things get crazy.

    16. Rihanna

    Now that Rihanna has settled the lawsuit with her former bodyguard from Ireland, the singer is focused on her new hot and handsome security man. Her former bodyguard filled a lawsuit in 2013, claiming that Rihanna made “nauseatingly offensive” false statements about him. Her new bodyguard is even hotter, and sometimes he pairs his clothing in accordance with Rihanna. Talk about sweet and sexy bodyguard.

    17. Jennifer Aniston

    If Aniston’s bodyguard looks familiar, it is because he previously worked for another celebrity. And her name is Katie Holmes. Aniston has an entire entourage of security, but her chief of security is Holmes’ former bodyguard.

    18. Kim Kardashian

    According to some sources, Kim actually has 25 bodyguards. Yes, you read that right — not one, not two, not three, but 25 personal security guards that are there to make her comfortable and safe at all times. They take care of onot only Kardashian, but also her children. This one is the hottest among them.

    19. Harry Styles

    When he was part of One Direction, Styles was under the protection of a man the band members called “Baldy.” In 2012, Baldy revealed that he is responsible for tucking them at night, but also protecting them from crazy fans. Now on his own, Styles had to hire a new personal security guard, and we must say, he did well. With so many crazy and obsessed fans, Styles has his bodyguard follow him home as well. Some fans find out where Styles is staying and they crowd the place.

    20. Taylor Swift

    Protecting Swift is arguably one of the hardest jobs in Hollywood. She hasn’t yet written a song about her bodyguard, but something like that might happen in the future. Swift has an entire entourage of bodyguards, but her personal security assistant, pictured here, is the hottest among them. He might look angry in every single photo, but there is no denying he is hot.

    21. Karl Lagerfeld

    Lagerfeld refers to his longtime bodyguard Sebastian Jondeau as “assistant taking care of my houses and all”. And he is right. Jondeau is more of a buddy and a friend nowadays, and less of a bodyguard. And he works late with Lagerfeld. As long as Lagerfeld is awake and working, Jondeau is there to help him. He also takes care of Lagerfeld’s cat, but it is all well rewarded. When you are “buddies” with the world’s best designer, you tend to be well-dressed.

    22. Katy Perry

    Perry is one of the celebrities on the list who prefers a bodyguard with a hot tattoo. She travels everywhere with him, including international flights like London. The name of her bodyguard is a mystery, but we must say that he is her new bodyguard. A few years ago, she had someone else taking care of her personal security, including appearing on the red carpet with the singer.

    23. Ariana Grande

    The hottest among celebrities deserves only the best when it comes to bodyguards. Grande is arguably the hottest young female star, and her bodyguard has to follow suit. Sadly she didn’t used this guy in her “Into You” video.

    24. Kylie Jenner

    Kylie has had several hot bodyguards over the years, but the one pictured here is arguably the hottest. He is her newest acquisition, and he takes care of more than just her personal security. He is also her personal assistant when she goes shopping, tasked to carry the bags full of clothes.

    25.  Brooklyn Beckham

    Beckham is just 17 years old, but when you are the son of David and Victoria Beckham, you are one of the hottest celebrities, and you need a bodyguard who will protect you. But Brooklyn’s bodyguard is more than just a strong and muscular guy — he is actually hot.

    26. Jennifer Lawrence

    Lawrence has had a number of hot bodyguards over the years. Greg Lenz was just one of the many. He accompanied her everywhere she went, and even took care of her adorable dog. But after the internet went crazy over him, she decided it was better to find someone who is less popular. And she now has a new, and even hotter bodyguard. Pictured here is Lenz.

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