Homemade Eye Drops to Soothe Dry Eyes

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  1. I’m glad these are working for you. But I worked as a Certified Tech in Ophthalmology for 35 years so I have to comment on a couple of things. This is a saline solution only for rinsing your eye. It probably helps itching however it is not to be confused with a true artificial tear which has a lubricant in it. This solution will only aggravate a dry eye because the salt tends to dry your eye. You are not limited to tears or true allergy drops to 4 days. In fact you can use tears numerous times daily forever. It will not hurt you. And you can use allergy drops daily forever. Dry eyes typically burn with some itching. With no preservative in this I would not keep more than a few days and you should sterilize your water. You are putting purified water in a sterile jar and now it’s no longer sterile. Some nasty stuff can grow and I promise you do not want to put it in your eye. That type infection can take your eyesight within days if not sooner. I just felt I should warn you about what you put in your eyes. As we always told our patients..you on have 2 eyes and there are no do overs. So be very careful.

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