39 Spooky Foods For The Scariest Halloween Party Ever

    Creepy, but delicious. That is the theme you want for your Halloween party. One of the most funny and interesting holidays is just around the corner, and any day now, we will start preparing for it. That being said, I would like to give you a head start with some delicious recipes for creepy food.

    And don’t worry — they are much better than what Raj used for his Halloween party in “The Big Bang Theory.” I will not bore you with just some creative names for simple dishes — these recipes are truly spooky hit. I am sure your guests will love it, no matter their age.

    1. Spooky Spinach Dip In Bread Bowl Cauldron

    You want your food to be healthy, right? Well, there aren’t many options healthier than spinach. And with that colorful green texture, spinach makes your table that much more visually appealing.

    2. Jalapeno Popper Mummies

    Your guests will be hot after trying this. My advice for you: Do not tell them they are jalapeno peppers until they try it. That is, unless you know some of your friends are not into hot and spicy food. You will love their face expression after being burnt by the hotness of the jalapeno.

    3. Zombie Dip

    This dip was inspired by “The Walking Dead” show. And while the show might be gross at times, this dip is actually very good, tasty and for everyone’s surprise, sweet. Yes, you read that right — the dip is basically a different take on the red velvet cake. Who thought one of the best cakes could be zombie food?

    4. Mashed Potato Monsters

    One of the secrets to a good Halloween party is creative take on simple dishes like mashed potatoes. We have all made mashed potatoes at least once in our life. But when you some olives on a stick, the mashed potato becomes something else.

    5. Bloody Bones

    As I said, simple dishes make great zombie and Halloween food. Take these cheese-filled breadsticks for example. Serve them without the “blood,” and you have nothing special. See how easy it is to transform them?

    6. Skull Meathead Centerpiece

    The mere thought of serving a skull to your friends is probably hard to swallow. But hey, look at how funny the skull looks. I have seen much creepier skulls in my life, and we all love zombie appetizers.

    7. Witch Finger Bread Sticks

    Finger bread sticks are one of my favorite foods at a Halloween party. Most people avoid them because they are too scared to pull the finger, but I love them. And once you throw some nice sauce in there, you have an absolute winner.

    8. Guacamole Barfing Jack-o-Lantern

    No Halloween party is fully completed and ready without some jack-o’-lanterns. This one, for example, barfs guacamole sauce. You can even combine it with some of the breadsticks recipes on the list — two in one, just like Nescafe.

    9. Poisoned Apples

    Don’t worry — you will not die or go into a deep sleep just like Snow White did in the popular Disney movie. There is nothing poisonous in these apples. Just try them. Do you believe me? I know you do!

    10. Graveyard Taco Dip

    As you’ve noticed by now, most of the Halloween party food is appetizer related or something similar. There are not many main dishes. This taco dip is another appetizer that will go great with any chips, crackers or even breadsticks you can find.

    11. Spider Deviled Eggs

    Eggs are probably one of the most versatile ingredients. You can literally turn them into anything and everything you want. For Halloween parties, I love the spider eggs. You have probably heard of devil eggs, but the spider guacamole is a better option.

    12. Jack-O-Lantern Pepperoni Pizza Pockets

    Simple, elegant and hot one-bite crackers you can serve with almost anything else. But be careful when you are throwing a Halloween party. You don’t want too many breadstick or cracker dishes.

    13. Chicken Zucchini Skull Patties

    I know what you are thinking — Finally some meat! Heh, no worries — there will be some meat down the road as well. For now, enjoy these chicken and zucchini skulls.

    14. Hotdog Worms

    Imagine this scenario: You go to a Halloween party, and you see this dish. Are you brave enough to put your hand inside? I know I am, and I know many people will be intrigued to try as well. That is the essence of Halloween food — something that looks scary and creepy, but inviting enough to try.

    15. Spider Sandwiches

    You cannot go wrong with bread, cream cheese and some veggies. Those three ingredients can be turned into basically everything. And I love the mixture of carrots and raisins, giving the recipe a bit of a sweet and salty mixture.

    16. Puffy Mummy Pockets 

    Just look at those eyes staring at you. They are basically calling you to try them. I promise your mouth will explode from the delightful taste.

    17. Frankenstein Appetizer

    For this recipe, I hope your coloring skills are good. But when your friends ask you what is the base of the recipe, just tell them “green cheese.” You won’t be far from the truth.

    18. Spooky Pretzel Bones

    Pretzels make our list, and with the right argument. When it comes to bread for party food, pretzels are definitely high calorie and filling. The sauce is up to you, as you can go creamy or spicy and hot.

    19. Halloween Baked Potato Skin Pizzas

    The only thing that you need to be careful here is to find big size potatoes. Otherwise, the recipe won’t work. But once you find a good sized potato, you can throw anything on top of it. Olives, some salami, tomatoes, basically everything that can be used for pizza topping.

    20. Witches Broomstick Treats

    Your witches from the beginning need some broom sticks. Now, that is a pairing I would definitely love to see at a party.

    21. Skeleton Jam Bread

    We all need some sweet food for dessert, and Halloween desserts are actually some of the best. The reason is simple— jams can be used for blood at all times. Who wouldn’t love to try some blood?

    22. Meringue Bones

    We had a couple of bones recipes by now. But I would love to give you several different options for one of the most recognizable symbols of Halloween. Bones and zombies go hand in hand with Halloween, and you need options.

    23. Matcha Pumpkin Shortbread Shots

    This shot is not only yummy on the outside, but it is yummy on the inside. It is a creepy food that is extremely healthy. Now, who wouldn’t love that? Thanks to matcha powder, this shot is packed with antioxidants. So, have a shot with your friends! Cheers!

    24. Mummy Skewers

    Do you see how easy it is to make some Halloween food? Bread, cheese and some eyes, and there you go — you have some fun and visually appealing appetizers.

    25. Halloween Pretzel Kisses

    The best part is that you can prepare these “kisses” from leftover candies. I have said before that your party needs some sweet desserts, and you can never go wrong with candy. Plus, they are totally kid-friendly, and I am sure your little ones will love them.

    26. Halloween Sushi Balls

    I am sure you haven’t thought that Japanese food can be used for an American holiday. Truth be told, Japan has nothing with Halloween. But a good and experienced chef in the kitchen will find a way to mix one culture with another.

    27. Carrot Rice Ball Mini Jack-O’-Lanterns

    We said that you cannot have a Halloween party without some jack-o’-lanterns. There are two ways to go with jack-o’-lanterns. One is with a big carved pumpkin. The second is to create your own lantern from any other ingredients you can find. For these mini lanterns, we used carrots and rice.

    28. Brain Cookies

    I was never a fan of brains as a food source. I know people that love the brain meat. But for me, it has always been disgusting, and that will not change. However, I must say that it hits that perfect spot Halloween creepiness.

    29. Spooky Mozzarella Fried Eyeballs

    You can try with other cheeses as well, but mozzarella is the best due to its texture. Again, these are kid-friendly, as they are not as spooky as some of the recipes you will see at an adult party.

    30. Salty Black Licorice 

    There is not a kid alive who does not love licorice candies. But adults love them as well, so you can be safe to prepare them for any party.

    31. Taco-Spiced Cornbread Pumpkins

    The best part about these taco pumpkins is that you can use them as a side dish for stews and soups. In other words, they are much more than Halloween party food. When October hits the calendar, you know you want more and more pumpkins, so try something different.

    32. Mexican Mummy Dogs

    Unlike many other mummy dogs, these can be made totally fat-free. The original recipe is low in fat, but if you like to take things to the next level, you can reduce the fat to zero. Talk about a healthy and stunning looking Halloween food.

    33. Cheesy Broccoli And Chicken Stuffed Skulls

    If you noticed by now, every time I give you something spooky as a skull, I make sure that the ingredients for it are extremely healthy. Such is the case here as well, with broccoli serving as the main ingredient.

    34. Intestine Bread

    Everything I said about brain and brain food applies for intestines as well. For me, it looks disgusting. But that is the purpose of Halloween food, isn’t it? If you can stomach it, the taste is delicious.

    35. Healthy Halloween Bat Energy Bites

    How about a cute dessert for Halloween? How does that sound? You thought it is not possible, right? Well, these chocolate protein bars will make you regret it. Bats are also part of the Halloween lore, but they are usually spooky and creepy. These ones are cute and sweet.

    36. Tombstone Sandwiches

    Serving tombstones might be morbidly to some, but this is Halloween we are talking about. And they come filled with some chicken, which is always a bonus.

    37. Pumpkin Jack-O’-Lantern Cookies

    Chocolate, chocolate and then some more chocolate — that is the recipe for some fans of sweet candies, but I love to give you something more in the range of healthy desserts. Like these pumpkin cookies, for example.

    38. Green Witch Finger Cookies

    What is surprising for me is that kids love these gross looking cookies. I have seen adults repulsed by the visual, but kids love to have fun. And they love chocolate and sweet stuff, so that is settled.

    39. Deathly Hallows Cheese Board

    It is only logical and convenient that we finish off with a table full with appetizers. There are so many stuff in here, that I cannot name them all. But most of all, you will find cheese, and then some more cheese.

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