24 Beautiful DIY’s To Decorate A Wall Mirror

    Mirror decoration is one of the latest trends in interior design. Gone are the days when mirrors were just a glass with a wooden or metal frame.

    Nowadays, the more decorated your mirror is, the better. With that in mind, we take a look at several DIY decorations you can easily make. Now, you do not have to go all wall art fancy. But you can definitely make certain improvements to the look of your mirror.

    1. Triangle Mirror

    We start off with a unusual and unconventional shape and form of a mirror. The triangle is not a common choice for mirrors. They are mostly round. However, as you can see, the triangle works well as well. And all you need is some wooden frames that emphasize the shape of your mirror.

    2. Rope Mirror

    One of the more versatile ingredients in DIY projects is the hemp rope. You can use it to add class and traditional feeling to any object. In this case, we use it for a mirror that looks much more traditional and vintage.

    3. Full Mirrored Wall 

    When it comes to full mirror walls, people usually want to have one big mirror. And that is the simplest way to get there. But if you like to keep things more interesting, some cubes here and there work as well. Do not worry, the squares will not hamper your image in the mirror.

    4. Doily Frosted Mirror

    We talked about hemp rope making your items looking traditional and vintage. Well, the dolly is even better at that. Put dolly in any object, and it looks vintage in a minute. I remember when I was little, my grandmother had dolly in almost any part of the house. Back then, I did not like the dolly. Nowadays, I appreciate the vintage look.

    5. Anthropology Inspired Starburst Mirror 

    A mirror looking like the sun. Now that is a contemporary piece that will find its way to almost any home. Of course, if you are more into vintage and traditional, this one is not for you. But if you like modern art and modern interior design, the mirror will fit perfectly.

    6. Honey Comb Framed Turquoise Mirror

    I must say, this mirror is more of a decoration than a useful object. With so many frames, you will have hard time watching yourself in the mirror. However, you cannot deny the beauty and visual appeal it brings to the table.

    7. Hollywood Style Lighted Mirror

    When it  comes to mirror decoration, you just cannot escape the Hollywood inspired one. You know the one with lights. That glamorous mirror all actors and actresses have in their dressing room. Well, it is time you get that glamorous mirror in your home as well. Of course, if you like it.

    8. Cutlery Starburst Mirror

    Another mirror that looks like the sun, but made with different ingredients. Yes, spoons. You can add decoration to your mirror using spoons. I know it sounds strange, but it definitely works.

    9. Animal Mirrors

    In the spirit of cute and adorable, we cannot avoid the animal mirrors. These have been around for the past few years, especially in kid’s rooms. And that is where they belong. Companies made millions thanks to animal mirrors. But why pay for something you can easily make on your own?

    10. Tiling Border Mirror 

    When you want to take things to the next level, tiles is the way to go. Creating a mosaic of your very own mirror is a thing of art. Now, not all of us have the nerve and patience for tiling. But if you can muster some time, tiling is definitely worth the effort.

    11. Pottery Barn Knock-Off Mirror 

    Another mirror that is more decorative than practical. I must say, boards are not my thing, but I do appreciate a nice piece.

    12. Fringed Mirror

    Now that is a modern mirror that I am sure will find its way to a home. And that will happen sooner rather than later. I know fringes are not your first association of mirror decoration, but just look at that mirror.

    13. Clothespin Starburst Mirror 

    As we saw by now, there are so many ways to get that sun/starburst mirror. We had spoons previously if you remember. Now we have some clothespins. I am sure you can think of many other items you can use for the starburst decoration.

    14. Splatter Painted Mirrors 

    If your goal is to introduce few colors in your interior, you can use the mirror for that as well. When it comes to colors, people usually look for pillows and similar decorations. But even the mirror can serve a purpose of bringing colors to the fold. This mirror definitely looks cheerful and joyful. And it is all because of the colors of the rainbow.

    15. Pebbled Mirror

    Pebbles have a natural color and unique shape you can use to add texture to any object. And that includes the mirror. You can turn a dull mirror into a stylish one in a matter of minutes. Pebbles add texture and contrast in the interior.

    16. Fluted Round Wall Mirror

    Being that mirror decoration is mostly a trend in modern homes, we look at modern ideas more. This one is a modern mirror that you can easily make and then fit in your home. And it fits in any room, be it the entryway, the bathroom, or even the living room.

    17. Bone Inlay Painted Mirror

    Talk about a masterpiece. If you want to get really creative and artistic, do not worry. I have the idea for you as well. Now, this mirror will take you more time. And you definitely need a lot of attention to details to make it work. But the end result is well worth the trouble.

    18. Ruler Framed Mirror 

    The thing I love about DIY projects is they remind you of some long forgotten objects and ingredients. Like a ruler for example. I have forgotten the last time I’ve used a ruler. But I can definitely see myself trying this decoration, as it looks vintage and modern in the same time. And you do not have to get a big mirror as this one. It works on smaller ones as well.

    19. Paper Rosette Magnet Mirror

    What I love here the most is the color. Or the ombre effect if you like it. The colors are just so vibrant and lively, you just cannot ignore them. And that is something you definitely want out of your decoration.

    20. Flower Mirror

    A flower mirror is cute and adorable, but also looks modern in the same time. This is a shape that is classic and timeless. You can never go wrong with flowers, no matter the occasion.

    21. Color Wheel Mirror

    I said previously that the mirror is a perfect way to add some colors to your interior. Here is another example of how colors work with your mirror.

    22. Geometric Mirror Wall Decor

    Since we are talking about interior design, we cannot ignore geometry. After all, in the past few years, geometry has taken over the world of interior design. It is one of the hottest and latest trends. With that in mind, geometry works best in small samples. You want a small and subtle touch to your interior. The mirror is a perfect way for that.

    23. Compact Mirrors Wall Mosaic

    We had a tiled mirror before. And I said back then that it requires a little more effort and time. The same applies for this mosaic mirror. But again, the end result is well worth your trouble.

    24. Bamboo Starburst Mirror

    When you think of mirror decoration, the starburst is one of the first things that come to mind. It is only logical that we had few starburst decoration ideas. And we finish off with the most recognizable mirror decoration. I hope you enjoyed the list. Share your ideas in the comments section.

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