Brides Get Noticed for the Wrong Reason: 30 Worst Wedding Dress Fails

    For most soon-to-be brides, the perfect fairytale wedding gown is the most crucial nuptial detail that needs to have zero hitches on the big day. But for these women who chose to rip up the rulebook to be the centre of attention, you earned it — for all the wrong reasons.

    From too much cleavage to excessive flesh and flamboyant details, these women had the best day of their lives — but their husbands’ had their worst for sure.

    Here are 30 of the worst wedding dress fails that will make you want to leave Earth so you won’t have to coexist with these brides.

    #1 Baby Bum Wedding Dress


    This bride must have wanted the child on her womb to be the wedding attraction… but it turned out to be her.

    #2 Pink Lady


    When you can’t decide between being a bride or a pink lampshade on your big day.

    #3 Busting Out


    That moment when you’re wedding dress can’t cover everything for you…

    #4 Early Treat for the Guests


    This bride must cherish her guests so much that she decided to become the dessert table for them.

    #5 Too Much Patriotism


    This bride in a star-spangled wedding gown is a real American patriot. I wonder what the groom is wearing.

    #6 Bra-ve Decision


    Too excited for the honeymoon? This woman wore her lingerie ahead of time.

    #7 When You Wore Your Grandma’s Wedding Gown on Tradition


    This bride must have missed her appointment with the designer but went ahead with it anyway.

    #8 Fleshy Bride


    When you want to drift from the conventional wedding gown design and went for a dress that’s even barely there…

    #9 Extreme See-Through


    Anyone who wants her groom to ditch the wedding has to go for this design.

    #10 Unveil Me


    I can’t wait until the officiating priest says, “You may now kiss the bride.” The groom will be in perfect shock (including the guests.)

    #11 See-Through Trend


    This is when you forgot that the veil is only for the head.

    #12 Showing-Off


    I want to lift it up for her though.

    #13 This Bride is on Fire


    Her wedding gown is lit! Literally.

    #14 See-Through The Veil


    When you put all the fabric on the veil that you forgot to stitch some on the wedding gown…

    #15 Body Paint


    This is the thriftiest one so far… Just a bucket of paint, some fabric to cover the feet and you’re all set!

    #16 Reuse, Reduce, Recycle


    This one is eco-friendly though.

    #17 Busting Out Again


    Don’t worry dear, your husband’s got you covered even if the wedding dress didn’t.

    #18 Can’t Handle Them


    Wedding dresses seem to make you look sexy right? This bride must have thought ‘saggy.’

    #19 Balloon Fest


    Ever thought of sitting down after the ceremonies?

    #20 Hats Down


    Walking down the aisle can be a tough task for this bride… And so is kissing her groom.

    #21 Flamingo Bride


    Yes, you love pink. We know, know.

    #22 Poppin’


    So the balloon trend is up now?

    #23 Just Gettin’ Married in a Bit


    Some people just prefer to have a casual and simple wedding. Like this bride who came in shorts. No big deal.

    #24 Bridesmaids in…


    These weddings may not be worn by the bride but her bridesmaids, it still makes me ask why.

    #25 Buying a Designer Gown Online



    This is why you don’t trust an online store for your wedding gown.

    #26 Bikini Wedding


    Her father must be wondering where her daughter left her gown.

    #27 Clubbing


    This bride looks like she’s just about to go clubbing — lose the veil after the wedding and she’s ready to go.

    #28 Overdone Bride


    If she’s not in for breaking a Guinness Book World Record, then this is just too much. Is she planning to walk down the Great Wall of China?

    #29 A Spoonful


    This is nothing but a great idea… to ruin a wedding.

    #30 Angel Bride


    Sorry dear but you can’t fly with those wings.

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