23 Male Celebs Most Believe Are Gay, But Are They?

    Being gay or being bisexual has become a huge trend in Hollywood and in the world. But let’s be real, homosexual people are homosexual because they are born as such, or they’ve found out they love same sex partner. No need for judgment there. But the fun part is that many male celebrities have been rumored to be gay just because they’ve hung out with some male friends. And let’s be honest, they are hot as hell, so who wouldn’t love to get a piece of them? Let’s check how many of them are actually gay.

    1. Zac Efron

    From the moment this young actor appeared in California, rumors that he is gay or that he is bisexual have been swirling around. There were even rumors that he was dating Dave Franco. The actor quickly dismissed the rumors. So yes, he is not gay!

    2. Tom Hardy

    Hardy was the one to start the rumors. He once admitted that he has had sex with men in the past. Quickly after that, he denied that he admitted to be dating men in the past. If your mind is blown, don’t worry, we couldn’t understand his claims as well. But for what is worth, Hardy is married, and he and his wife Charlotte welcomed their first child in October last year.

     3. Josh Hutcherson

    The star of the Hunger Games said in an interview in 2013 that he is open to dating men. He hasn’t dated anyone since then, or before that. But at least we know that he hasn’t closed the window. As Jim Carry says in Dumb and Dumber, “you are telling me there is a chance”.

    4. Clay Aiken

    Clay is gay, there are no rumors there. There were rumors for years, and following the birth of his son in 2008, the singer admitted as much. He said that he cannot be a father if he is not honest with his child and his supporters. So, he publicly acknowledged the fact that he is homosexual.

    5. Todd Chrisley

    Todd is a self made millionaire, and as such, he can afford to have something extra on the side. At least that was the story his son Kyle was telling reporters in 2014. His son even went a step further, claiming that his father is gay and is having an affair with their doctor. Of course, he added that Todd is hiding his homosexuality. There were other rumors that the millionaire is gay, but he never confirmed them.

    6. Steven Patrick Morrissey

    The former member of the Smitths had his own interpretation of his sexuality. In an interview in 2013, he decided to put the rumors behind. He said he is not homosexual, he is “humansexual”. According to the singer, that means he is attracted to humans, but not many.

    7. John Travolta

    One of the most famous actors in Hollywood has been married to his wife Kelly Preston for 23 years now. But despite their marriage, rumors about his sexuality are surfacing the internet almost every year. The truth is murky, as some claim that the actor is paying his gay lovers for their silence, to the point of $1.5 million annually. There were rumors that Travolta and Clarkson are divorcing in 2015, but that didn’t happen. Reports claim that his wife knows about his secret life, but she has never confirmed as much.

    8. Chace Crawford

    Chace has been on the gay radar since 2012. Many believed he will come out of the closet, but that didn’t happen. When he and his wife Rachelle split up in 2014, everyone thought his secret life is the reason. But that wasn’t the case. He was seen dating other women after.

    9. Jeremy Renner

    Jeremy has one of the best responses when asked about his sexuality. There were rumors at the beginning of 2015, when he and his wife divorced that he is gay. But in an interview later that year, Jeremy said that he is not gay. And his response to the question was “F**king say whatever you like about me”. He doesn’t care.

    10. Vin Diesel

    Despite being married since 2007, more than 50,000 people ask Google every month whether the actor is gay. In 2014, he said “I am not gay, neither is my girlfriend, nor my seven year old daughter”. Case closed!

    11. Taylor Lautner

    In 2014, the star of the Twilight movies was seen walking into a gay bar. And you know the punchline from there. But the actor has set the record straight that there is no truth whatsoever in the rumors that he is gay.

    12. Joe Simpson

    The rumors about Joe have been around for a long now. But they were at their highest in 2014, when Joe was seen walking around with a 21-year old model. They were seen shopping one day, and having coffee the next day. You can imagine how it looked when a 50+ year male hangs out with a handsome 21-year old. But Joe said that the guy in the pictures is a client of his modeling agency, and he was having meetings. That is it!

    13. Bruno Mars

    Bruno Mars has some of the most romantic songs. After all, he “would catch a grenade for you”. Was it possible he was referring to a “male friend”. No. The fun part is that Mars admitted he was gay to some close friends once. The problem was that he thought they will understand the joke, since it was made on April’s Fools day. They didn’t, and the rumors went nuclear.

    14. Tyler Perry

    Tyler is married to the beautiful Gelila Bekele since 2009, and the couple also have a child. But that didn’t stop a friend of his to oust Tyler as gay few years ago. Of course Perry dismissed the rumors. Tyler is just against discrimination, and he showed that when his company protested the anti-gay bill in Georgia in March this year.

    15. Seann William Scott

    Many still believe Seann is gay, and they expect him to come out of the closet for five years now. But that hasn’t happened, and it probably won’t.

    16. Kevin Spacey

    One of the reasons Spacey is rumored to be gay is his close relationship with openly gay director, Brian Singer. They worked on the 1995 movie “The Usual Suspects”, and have been friends ever since. Spacey is also friends with Andy Cohen, another openly gay celebrity in Hollywood. And Andy said Kevin is gay. But the actor has denied the rumors constantly.

    17. James Franco

    James Franco has said few times that he is “a little gay”. But don’t jump at the opportunity. He clarifies that he is slightly gay because he has affection for playing roles of gay people.

    18. Tom Cruise

    The life of Tom Cruise is one of the biggest mysteries in Hollywood. He is part of the Scientology community, but many believe he is also part of the Illuminati and the Freemasons. Speaking of his sexuality, there are rumors that he has been gay for the past 30 years, and that is one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood. After all, his perverted life with former wife Nicole Kidman is well documented. His friends have said he admitted that he liked Nicole peg him. Perverted? Yes! Gay? We don’t know.

    19. Ryan Seacrest

    When two of your former girlfriends think you are gay, something has to give. Jennifer Lopez has accidentally ousted Ryan once during American Idol, insulating that he is homosexual. And his former girlfriend Julianne Hough has also said he was gay, as he had to open all his secrets before they started dating to her.

    20. Kerry Rhodes

    Kerry Rhodes had his former lover claim that the NFL superstar was gay. His former lover opened about their live in 2013, and since, Kerry has been battling with the rumors. He has denied them several times on ESPN and other sport shows, but nothing has changed.

    21. Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson

    Many believe that the friendship between the two members of One Direction is more than just friendship. But both Harry and Louis, as well as other members of the group and producers have denied the claims. And Harry is constantly seen with girlfriends.

    22. Matt Bomer

    Matt has openly said that he is gay. He is a proud member of the LGBT community and a father. The only mystery was when he and his partner got married. Many believed that happened in 2012, but the actor recently revealed the marriage came a year earlier. And he doesn’t respond well to gay stereotypes.

    23. Richard Simmons

    Is the fitness guru transforming into a woman? Or he is just gay. These rumors have been crowding the internet for the past few days, and there have been both confirmations and denials.

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