Suspecting Wife Finds Husband Sleeping With ‘Someone’ at Work

    Suspecting her husband of seeing someone else for getting home late after work, this wife gave him a surprise visit at work. What she saw surprised her even more and moved her to tears.

    Chellie Heckman’s husband is working for the Department of Family and Children services as the supervisor. When he started coming home late everyday, which he rarely does before, she became so auspicious.

    Suspecting Wife Finds Husband Sleeping With 'Someone' at Work

    During that time, Heckman’s family wasn’t going through a rough spot. They were in no need of extra income so she thought, why would her husband stay late at work? She had a lot of things in mind. Why would her husband spend extra time working instead of being with her?

    Not so long enough, Heckman decided to visit her husband at work, without letting him know.

    Suspecting Wife Finds Husband Sleeping With 'Someone' at Work

    What she saw surprised her more than anything…

    Despite of getting emotional, Rogers took the photo and shared her story.

    More than seeing her husband cheat with another woman, Rogers brought what she saw to so much tears.

    Her husband was taking a nap with a baby boy on his shoulders. Not just the child of an office mate, Jason was holding a boy they were helping in the department. He wants to make sure he was well taken care of.

    During that time, the baby was in the process of being transferred to foster care. Despite of being exhausted from a lot of things to do, Heckman’s husband went home late to take care of the boy and went in earlier again the next day.

    Spreading the message of compassion

    Heckman, moved by her husband’s goodwill and compassion took what she saw to Facebook. She mentioned that her husband’s was one of the most “thankless yet fulfilling jobs.”

    She stressed that the people in her husband’s department are greatly unrecognized for the successful cases they were handling. You will never see anyone get excited upon seeing the workers. Neither will you hear someone say “oh yay, here comes DFACS (Department of Family and Children services.”

    Nevertheless, employees of DFACS or any other social welfare institution should be appreciated. They are often overlooked and taken advantage of, but they usually own some of the most compassionate hearts.


    Suspecting Wife Finds Husband Sleeping With 'Someone' at Work

    Sometimes, we suspect people of betraying us behind our backs without knowing the real story. In this case, Heckman might be wrong but what she discovered made her happy that she was.

    She wrote: “In a world of hate, anger, arguments of guns and no guns, ridiculous political mud slinging there are children that are struggling with day to day life.”

    Jason might be sleeping with another person at work, but this person at that moment needs him most. Without having a second thought, he gave what the boy temporarily needs: a father’s shoulders to sleep on.

    Suspecting Wife Finds Husband Sleeping With 'Someone' at Work

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