8 Exercises To Get Rid Of Underarm Fat Fast

Women love to wear strapless dresses. They expose so much skin in a subtle way, and unlike dresses that expose cleavage, strapless dresses are actually erotic without being offensive and rude. They expose parts like shoulders, upper back, upper chest, and arms.

The underarm is an area that is hard to target when working out. To get rid of underarm fat and have sexy, sensual hands, you need to work out your upper chest, upper back, shoulders, and arms (triceps mostly).

But the one thing you need to remember is that this workout regime will require effort. And lots of it. The good news is that the effort will be worth it at the end. I want to stress that if you are not disciplined, there will be no results. And you’ll kick yourself when you don’t seeing results. Well, it’s up to you to kick it up a notch and start working out.

Impossible is nothing. The only people who say that something is impossible are the quitters. And I am sure you are not a quitter.

Criss-cross reverse fly

This is one of the few arm exercises that works your stomach as well. I like to call it “riding a bicycle.” Lie on your back, with your palms at the back of your head. Your elbows are bent, forming a triangle with the palms at your head. Lift and bend your knees, so that your knees and butt form a 90-degrees angle.

Lift your head. Twist your body, and keep your shoulder blades as high as possible. The goal is to reach your left knee with your right elbow and then the right knee with your left elbow.

Push-up to shoulder touch

I know women who aren’t into doing push-ups. But these are the best push-ups you can find for your arms. You also work out your shoulders. This exercise will make sure that your strapless dress looks great on you.

Start from a regular push-up position. For women, you can place your knees on the floor. Do a regular push-up, and, as you are moving up, place your left hand at your right elbow. Do another push-up, and then place your right hand at your left elbow. Repeat 20 times, 10 on each side.

Standing V raise

You’ll need a dumbbell for the next several exercises. For the first one, you need two: one in each hand.

Hold the dumbbells in your hand, and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Arms are at your sides, palms are in. Raise the weights diagonally in front of you. Your goal is to form a V with your arms. Make sure the arms are parallel to the floor, hold for one second, and return to starting position. That’s one rep; do 10 to 15 reps. You can also try one of the variations for the shoulder press.

Rotating triceps kickback

As with the previous exercise, stand with your knees shoulder-width apart. The difference here is that your knees are bent and you need to lean forward slightly. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and bend your elbows to bring the dumbbells to your side. Your upper arm is parallel to the floor. Press the dumbbells back and straighten your arms as you do it. Rotate the arms so your palms face the ceiling. Rotate back and return to bent position. Repeat 10 to 15 times, depending on your strength.

Airplane extension

Another name for this exercise is Superman. It’s one of my favorite exercises because you work your back, shoulders, and arms. The starting position is lying with your face down. Extend your arms at shoulder width with your palms facing the floor.

Pull your shoulder blades together and lift your arms, legs and chest off the floor. Hold this position for as long as you can. When you start, you should aim for at least 20 seconds. Gradually increase the duration of the exercise. Or do it in repetitions. Hold the position for one second, and then come back to the starting position. That is one repetition, and you need to do at least 10.

Crescent lunge and row

This is another exercise that works your back as well as your arms (many of the exercises for your arms target your shoulders and back as well). For this exercise, you’ll need one dumbbell.

Hold the dumbbell in your hand and stand with your feet together. Place your arms at your sides and lunge forward. If you are holding the dumbbell in your right hand, you want your left knee bent at 90 degrees. Lower your torso as close as you can to your knee. Allow the dumbbell to hang naturally, and then row it straight up until the right elbow passes the torso. That’s one rep, and you need to do 10 to 15 per arm. Do it with your right hand, and then with your left.

Start with a lower weight dumbbell, and then increase the weight after you master the form.


Dips are ranked as the third most effective exercise for triceps. And it is definitely one of the simplest exercises you can do. All you need is a bench.

Just sit on a workout bench and place your hands next to your hips. Straighten your wrists and tuck your elbows in by your sides. Walk your feet forward for several inches. Lift your hips off the bench and place them in front of you.

That’s the starting position. Lower your hips slowly towards the floor and bend your elbows as you descend. Get back up, and you’ve done one dip. Important notice: make sure not to let your elbows flare out. Keep your elbows tucked in so that you keep the pressure on the triceps. The position you want to achieve as you are lowering is when the backs of your arms are perpendicular with the floor. Repeat between 10 and 15 times, and stop when you feel fatigue in the back of your arms.

Tennis elbow exercises

With all these exercises for the arms and use of the muscle of the forearm, you risk a condition experts call “tennis elbow.” This is an inflammation of the tendons of the elbow caused by muscle overuse.

And to prevent that inflammation, I would like to finish the list of forearm exercises with some stretches for your tennis elbow. There are three stretches in the video, and each one stretches a different forearm muscle. Repeat them on a daily basis, as it will take you just a few minutes to perform the whole set.

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