16 DIY Natural Weed Killers

I lived quite few years in a house with a garden. Truth be told, those were the days of my childhood. But I remember that weeds were something my mom and dad hated, and it was difficult to remove them. The garden just doesn’t look as good as it could when there are weeds harming your other flowers.

Now, as I’ve grown older, I’ve moved to an apartment. But even though I escaped those pesky weeds, I know there are people who love their gardens. And I know how hard it is to get rid of weeds. Therefore, today I want to give you several simple and easy DIY recipes you can make to take care of your weed problem.

1. Weed Killer with Citric Acid
16 DIY Natural Weed Killers
Photo: nwedible.com

You can use this herbicide once a year, and your garden will be thankful for it. The good news is that it is very similar to some of the organic herbicides you can buy at the store. The difference is this one won’t empty your wallet. And it’s non-toxic.

2. The Boiling Water Solution
16 DIY Natural Weed Killers
Photo: mommysmiddleground.blogspot.com

This is one of those old wives solutions, but it does work! Even better, it will cost you almost nothing, as all you need is water. The only downside is that this solution works only for small areas. But if you need something to kill weeds by the driveway, boiling water is your best option.

3. Weed Killer with Dish Soap, Salt and Vinegar 
16 DIY Natural Weed Killers
Photo: onecreativeprocrastinatinggal.blogspot.com

The first solution on this list was citrus acid. And you’ll notice many others with some acid in it. The reason is that acid is best for killing weeds. And thanks to apple cider vinegar, this solution has enough acidity to clean up your garden.

4. Mulch as an Alternative to Pesticide 
16 DIY Natural Weed Killers
Photo: midwestpesticideaction.org

If you want to avoid using herbicides, even though they are non-toxic, you can always go a different route—mulch. You need approximately 3 inches of mulch to reduce weed germination by keeping the sunlight from reaching the weed. It’s effective, and your garden will look unique.

5. Secret Ingredient Weed Killer That’s Also Effective Against Ants 
16 DIY Natural Weed Killers
Photo: hometalk.com

I love 2-in-1 solutions! This solution will not only kill off weeds, but it will also keep ants away from your garden (and ants can be as irritating as weeds). The only thing to note here: be careful when spraying the solution. Do it only on weeds, and try to avoid the grass, as the solution can harm it.

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