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Creepy or Not, Sexy Coffin Nails in 25 Different Ways

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Kylie Jenner started the coffin nails back in 2015, and the world hasn’t looked the same ever since. Actually, long nails were a hit long before Jenner started Instagramming them. But the young Kardashian is a trendsetter, so we can just roll with that.

Now, I know some people think coffin nails are super creepy. After all, they take the shape of coffins. And who wants to think about death on nails?

But whether you find them creepy or not, they are actually sexy. Look, long nails will be sexy for years to come, no matter the shape. Some even make the coffin nails sexier by sharping the edges. There was a time coffin nails were labeled “ballerina nails.”

That being said, let’s take a look at some ideas for coffin nails.

1. Winter coffin nails

Creepy or Not, Sexy Coffin Nails in 25 Different Ways


Let’s start with nails for the winter season. When you think of winter, you think of dark and shady colors. And this purple / Marsala color is just perfect.

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