28 Budget-Friendly And Fun Clay Pot Projects

If you have been following, you know I am a bit of DIY junkie. I love recycling old stuff, but I do it in a useful manner. Now, for those that are new here, I’d recommend you check out my other DIY projects. This time, I’ll show you some useful ways to use clay pots. I know you are probably thinking flowers, but they can be more than just house for flowers. Clay pots are actually very easy and cheap way for adding flair in your home interior and decor. They can be used both for practical items and colorful decorations. So, with that being said, let’s take a look.

1. Miniature Fairy Garden from Broken Clay Pots

28 Budget-Friendly And Fun Clay Pot Projects
Photo: daily-colours.blogspot.com

Of course we are starting with the classic use of clay pots, which is housing for flowers. But we must give it a twist, and this time, the twist is garden within the garden. You don’t many gardens like this in your yard, but two or three will make the path towards your yard look even more beautiful. They can also be used for adding “garden” touch to an apartment.

2. Clay Pot Lighthouse 

28 Budget-Friendly And Fun Clay Pot Projects
Photo: completely-coastal.com

For those who enjoy relaxing in their garden at night, you need light and illumination. Clay pots lighthouse provides that subtle illumination. Not too much, but enough so you can see the people next to you and of course, the food. Another way to use these lighthouses is illuminating the stone or clay path in your garden.

3. Terracotta Wine Stand

28 Budget-Friendly And Fun Clay Pot Projects
Photo: blog.kj.com

Let’s take a look at some more practical uses of clay pots. To start you off, a wine stand. Placing your wine bottles on stands will make them look more sophisticated, elegant, and your home in general will benefit from the it. The goal here really is to add some flair to the interior decor.

4. Terracotta Pot Table

28 Budget-Friendly And Fun Clay Pot Projects
Photo: dukesandduchesses.com

Unlike the wine stand, the pot table is more of a fun and interesting way to decorate your garden. Think of a tea party for small children. The pot table can be a great place to leave their juices, food and everything in between.

5. Clay Pot Flower People

28 Budget-Friendly And Fun Clay Pot Projects
Photo: kenh14.vn

I love when you can include your children in DIY projects. This project, in particular is perfect for children, as they will walk out of it with a new toy to play with. Do you think many children have clay pot doll? Of course they don’t, and that makes it special.

6. Quick Vertical Garden

28 Budget-Friendly And Fun Clay Pot Projects
Photo: youtube.com

Not many of us are blessed with living in a house. Some of us have to accept the fact that apartments are a nice option as well. Without going down into the discussion whether an apartment is better than a house, let’s just find a way to have your own spice garden in the apartment. If your kitchen has some brick wall, you’ll get a perfect two way win. For one, you have a great traditional and rustic decor, and for two, you can grow your own fresh spices.

7. Essential Oil Diffuser

28 Budget-Friendly And Fun Clay Pot Projects
Photo: gardenmatter.com

Reap the benefits of aromatherapy in new and beautiful way. I know you can always purchase some diffusers in the store, but making your own is way better. And it gives a much better touch to your spa environment.

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