28 Budget-Friendly And Fun Clay Pot Projects

If you have been following, you know I am a bit of DIY junkie. I love recycling old stuff, but I do it in a useful manner. Now, for those that are new here, I’d recommend you check out my other DIY projects.

This time, I’ll show you some useful ways to use clay pots. I know you are probably thinking flowers, but they can be more than just house for flowers. Clay pots are actually very easy and cheap way for adding flair in your home interior and decor. They can be used both for practical items and colorful decorations. So, with that being said, let’s take a look.

28 Budget-Friendly And Fun Clay Pot Projects
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  1. How did you make the 22. terra coat fountain? What kinda pump and do you have directions? Pics are nice but we need to know how please

      • I am so glad I found this. I want to make two foundations one for my African Grey and one for my bearded dragon. Thank for the great ideas!


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