Cat Becomes the Victim of a Little Bully

Cats are natural born hunters, that’s why they would always chase after mice. However, in a video captured by a cat owner in China, it seems like this isn’t always true. Instead of the rat running for its life, it went the other way around, and not everyone thought it was funny.

A pet owner in Xinzhou City, in Shanxi Province, China, noticed that her cat was running around the kitchen and immediately saw that it was being tailed by a rodent.

Scared Cat Was Chased by A Tiny Rat

Cat Becomes the Victim of a Little Bully

Dai Mei, the two-year-old cat, has failed to do what a cat should do after the owner found it running for his life against a rodent. The owner said she took the video and she was expecting to witness her cat to attack the rat but to her surprise, it was the other way around.

Cat Becomes the Victim of a Little Bully

The rat wouldn’t let the cat slip away and ran as fast as it could.. until they finally came face to face.

Cat Becomes the Victim of a Little Bully

Still, the cat won’t dare to touch the rat and quickly tried to escape the scene.
However, this aggressive rodent made it close to Dai Mei and clasped its tiny teeth on the cat, making the cat jump and kick it back. Even the owner recording the footage screamed in surprise.
Cat Becomes the Victim of a Little Bully

Some found the video hilarious, but some people also criticized the pet owner for allowing such misfortune to happen to her cat. To her defense, she said that Dai Mei has always been a shy cat, and that she was also stunned as it was her first time to see a rat.


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