31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things

I always say, “it’s the little things that make our lives easier.” You can also say, “love is in the little things.” And once you see the tricks and hacks I have for you, you’ll believe that even more.

We face challenges on a daily basis. And sometimes, even the simplest things can be hard. And time consuming. I want to make your life easier, and to do that, I have some hacks you’ll want to try immediately.

Every little bit of help is welcomed, and I am sure you’ll find something that you can implement to make a big difference.

1. Put two tablespoons of cinnamon in the vacuum cleaner bag before vacuuming to get rid of any nasty dust smells and to make the house smell lovely afterward
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
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We all vacuum our home at least once per week. At least, that’s the standard. But what you might not know is that vacuuming is not enough. Vacuuming will not get rid of all the dirt and odors in your home. For a deep cleaning, cinnamon will help get rid of the smell, and make your home even cleaner.

2. How to heat two bowls in the microwave at the same time
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
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I use the microwave almost every day. Before I saw this trick, I usually put just one bowl inside. But that’s time consuming. You can save time by putting two bowls inside, and use that time for another task.

3. Put a marble at one end of the paper muffin cup before pouring in the batter to get a heart shaped muffin
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
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You want to get fancy with your muffins? Well, here is a simple trick that will help you create some Valentine-inspired muffins. Surprise your partner.

4. Put some ice cubes in the drier for fewer wrinkles in your clothes
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
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It’s inevitable. Putting clothes in the dryer will make them wrinkled. And it makes ironing harder and more challenging. Well, to make things easier, ice cubes are the way to go. Just imagine how much easier it will be for you to iron your shirts when they’re not very wrinkled.

5. Choose the perfect skin foundation by matching it to the color on your neck, not the back of your hand
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: hayatimagazine.com

This is a trick a friend of mine showed me few years ago. We were out shopping, and we ended up in a cosmetics store. She wanted to find a new foundation. I was surprised when I saw her try it on her neck. Like, why aren’t you putting it on your arm? And she explained it to me. Look, I’m not using foundation, but for you ladies out there, I suggest you start using this trick sooner rather than later.

6. Keep ice crystals from hardening the ice cream by keeping the container in a plastic ziplock bag
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
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This is a trick the lady at the store once told me. And my ice cream is much for it. It definitely helps when you’re buying a lot of ice cream!

7. To reheat a plate of food evenly, arrange the food in a ring
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: thekitchn.com

Look, leftovers are a natural thing. And we all heat up leftovers every now and then. But if you want to heat up your food even better, try this trick. And the good news is, you can leave the plate in the microwave for just one minute. No more needing to heat the food for several minutes.

8. The best way to make a note illegible
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: twimg.com

Honestly, I don’t know when this will come in handy. But hey, I saw the trick, and I wanted to share it with you.

9. Put a few drops of essential oil in your tissue box to unblock a stuffy nose faster
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: popsugar.com

I’ve written a number of times about how to use essential oils for your health. They have numerous benefits, and one of them is helping with cold and flu. If you want a solution that’s simpler than inhaling essential oils, this is the way to go.

10. Have a loose button? Cover it with some nail polish to keep it from unraveling further
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
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I’ve also written on a number of things you can use nail polish for. It is definitely one of the best things you can have with you. In addition to keeping loose buttons on a shirt, you can also use clear nail polish to keep stockings from running.

11. Always pack a box of magic relighting candles for a camping trick; they’ll come in very handy
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: stackexchange.com

If you thought magic candles were something you need only for your birthday, think again. When you are on a camping trip, these candles can save your life in so many different ways.

12. Put one of these items in a ziplock bag in the freezer and you’ll have a very effective, no-drip ice pack
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: themakeyourownzone.com

An ice pack is something you definitely want to have at home. When you have a bruise, an ice pack can help you get rid of it. When you are in pain, an ice pack is also helpful. If you stretch a muscle, an ice pack is what you need. So it’s really a good idea to have an ice pack at the ready in your freezer at all times.

13. Organize the space under the sink by keeping the spray bottles on a tension rod
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: wtalks.com

Some hacks are meant to save you time, others to save you space. This one, for example, will save you a lot of space in the kitchen. And it will make your kitchen look organized.

14. Speed up the charging time on your phone by charging it in “flight mode”
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: traveltechgadgets.com

The trick here is that when your phone is in flight mode, there’s no network battery drain. And that allows your battery to charge faster. When you charge your phone naturally, the battery continues to drain while the phone is charging.

15. Prevent paint spills while painting by putting a rubber band over the paint can.
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: amumntheoven.blogspot.com

If you love to paint your home yourself, this trick will definitely help you. Especially if you want to save yourself from a lot of cleaning afterwards. You want to paint your home, but keep the floor as clean as possible.

16. Cover refrigerator shelves with plastic wrap for easier cleaning
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: trend.mynet.com

Cleaning is such a boring and irritating process. To be fair, I hate cleaning—it can be so time consuming! However, the good news is that some tricks will make it easier. And less painful. Hooray for that!

17. Peel a banana from the tip, not the stem—that’s how monkeys do it
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: seriouseats.com

I’ve heard it many times. The best way to consume fruit is the natural way, as animals out in nature do it. And when it comes to bananas, monkeys consume them in a different way. If you believe Darwin’s theory of evolution, you know he believes we evolved from apes. So, why ignore how our ancestors consumed food?

18. Use a pants hanger to keep the cookbook opened to the page you want and out of the way
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: mrdiy2u.com

Nowadays, most of us find recipes on the Internet. However, if you still use cooking books, you definitely want something that will keep the book open to the page with the recipe, as well as to keep the book off your precious counter space.

19. Put a squeeze bottle cap on the vacuum cleaner to clean up your keyboard and other narrow or hard to reach places
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: rockntech.com.br

I don’t know if you know this, but your keyboard needs cleaning. Every day, a ton of dirt and dust gets into the keyboard. And no matter how hard you try, you sometimes can’t clean it thoroughly. Well, I have a solution for that problem. And it comes in the form of a vacuum cleaner and a squeeze bottle cap.

20. Smartest way to freeze hamburgers: flatten the ground beef in a ziplock bag and divide it into square sections with a thin object
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: dontworrybehappykeeplearning.blogspot.com

I know some people don’t buy meat in bulk. But there are some of us who love to buy meat in bulk, simply because it’s cheaper. And if you belong to the latter group, here’s a trick to keep your burgers separated.

21. Put paper cupcake cups over drinks for the next outdoor party to prevent insects from dropping in
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: 4tololo.ru

I guarantee you this trick will come in handy once the summer is here. We all love to have a drink at a party. But if the drinks are sugary, you’ll get a swarm of uninvited guests as well. And they can be so irritating. To keep them away, just use some cupcake paper liners.

22. Using large ziplock bags and plain ammonia, let your stove top rings sit in the sink overnight to remove crust and burns
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
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Another cleaning trick that will make your life easier. The stove top can be challenging to clean. Especially if you haven’t cleaned it in a while. The top will get so much crust and burns, you’ll have to rub it for some time to clean it. Unless, of course, you use this trick.

23. How to arrange the sandwich fillings to cover every bit of the sandwich
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
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Probably one of the most challenging tasks you do on a daily basis is to completely fill your sandwich with toppings. I know I do this almost every other day. Problem solved!

24. Salt, water, and ice will lower the water temperature and cool your drinks faster
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: businessinsider.com

Your next barbecue beer party will be that much better. Your guests will love the cold beers you serve. And you will definitely become the star host among your friends.

25. Exhale when your left foot touches the ground and you’ll avoid cramps while running
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: breakingmuscle.com

People have trouble running for long periods of time. Running is not simply a matter of putting on your running shoes and running. There are tricks, secrets, and techniques that you have to master. One of the simple tricks you can use to improve your running is to learn how to breathe properly. If you aren’t breathing properly, you’ll get exhausted faster. And you won’t be able to run as much.

26. Charge USB gadgets through the USB port of the TV in your hotel room when traveling
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: phonandroid.com

Hotel rooms usually have a lot of spots where you can charge your devices. But if you lack a plug, you can get creative. Hotel TVs are modern, and they usually have a USB port. Utilize it!

27. Put a glass of water in the microwave when reheating pizza—no more soggy pizza crust
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
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Just be careful not to use a plastic glass when you are trying this trick. The plastic glass might explode from the high temperature. If you master this trick, your pizza leftovers will be much better.

28. Roll up clothes when packing—they’ll take up less space and get less wrinkled in the process
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: imove.com

Be careful, you can’t use this trick for everything. For example, I don’t recommend you roll up shirts. Pants, and trousers, for that matter, can be rolled. But classic shirts are definitely not something you want to roll.

29. The muffin pan is a great way to serve accoutrements at a dinner party or use as a neat condiment holder at the next BBQ
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: pinterest.com

One of the most important things I want you to learn after reading this article is to think outside the box. That’s the key to improving the quality of your life. And that premise applies to everything: cooking, working, and everything else. Every object in your home has a primary function, and a secondary function that you can discover when you think outside the box.

30. Freeze some coffee in an ice cube tray so you can cool down your coffee without watering it down
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: blogspot.com

For you coffee lovers out there, here is a way how to drink your coffee in a quality way. Prepare a pot of coffee, and then freeze it. You can thank me later.

31. Bread tags are perfect for keeping headphones organized and untangled
31 Better Ways of Doing Everyday Things
Photo: pinterest.com

Last, but not least, I want to give you a simple trick for your headphones. We live in an era where everyone carries headphones with him/her. We listen to music on our phones as we move. And we need a way to store our headphones when we’re not using them. I’m glad I could help!

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