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34 Almond Nail Ideas for Your Next Manicure

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When it comes to nails, most women think that picking the color is their biggest decision. But they’re wrong. Picking the color is not the only decision you need to make—picking the right shape is just as important. The shape will set the tone for the color you want.

The almond shape is the latest trend in manicures, and for good reason. The almond shape is a perfect balance between long nails and no nails at all. Just imagine that tasty nut and its shape, and that’s what you get on your nails.

Almond nails are here to stay. They are not just a short phase. So, in order to get you ready for the latest trend in manicures, we have some almond nails ideas you can try.

1. Perfect rose almond nails

Let’s start with something classy and simple—the romantic pink color. This is something you wear if you stylish, good-looking nails but you don’t want to stand out or your nails to pop.

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