New Angle Shows How Ridiculous Yair Rodriguez’s KO Of Korean Zombie Was

Saturday night marked the 25th year anniversary of the world’s most prestigious mixed martial arts competition, the Ultimate Fighting Championship. And there’s no other better way to celebrate its glory and success than featuring its strongest contender for the Knockout of The Year recognition. 

In what could be one of the most stunning and most dramatic finishes in UFC history, the returning Yair Rodriguez pulled off a miracle of biblical proportion after he delivered an incredible no-look upward elbow to Chan Sung-Jung with only one second left in their featherweight bout.

Dramatic End

Rodriguez returned to actions after more than a year of layoff as he battled ‘The Korean Zombie’ in an all-out war in the main event of the UFC Fight Night 139 at the Pepsi Center in Denver Colorado.

‘El Pantera’ turned the script to his favours in the final second of the closing frame after losing three rounds to the South Korean fighter. CSJ was just one second away from a hard-earned victory. Apparently, that one second became a huge game-changer.  At 4:59 mark in the fifth, a bloodied Rodriguez launched a nasty elbow to the chin to put the ‘The Korean Zombie’ to sleep and stole the win.

“Hey, to all the beautiful people who supported me for this fight, everyone that has kept faith in me, I just want to say thank you so much, God bless. It was a short notice fight, it’s been a very rough time in my life and career in the last few months, but I’m very happy to be able to have my job and my loved ones with me. I’m very happy to have your support and I hope it remains that way.”

“I hope you guys liked the fight, right now I’m here (at the hospital) about to take X-rays of my feet and nose. My respects to ‘Korean Zombie,’ he’s a warrior and I send him all my respect, love and appreciation and to his team as well. Greetings to all the people in Korea, God bless.”

‘Craziest Finish Ever’

MMA fans were all praises for both Rodriguez and CSJ, who earned the Fight of the Night honours, for giving a great show in the promotion’s 25th anniversary. UFC president Dana White did not also hide his thrill over Rodriguez’s stunning knockout.

An ecstatic promotion chief lauded the Mexican mixed martial artist for what he dubbed as the “craziest finish ever.” He told Laura Senko in a post-fight interview:

“Craziest finish ever. There was one second left on the clock when he landed that elbow, and Yair was losing 4-to-1. ‘Zombie’ had the fight in the bag, he had one second to go and, wow, what a finish.”

Check out Yair Rodriguez’s insane last second knockout of ‘The Korean Zombie’ in the video below captured in a different angle:

One of the craziest finishes of all time. Yair Rodriguez knocks out The Korean Zombie with this insane upward elbow with one second left in the fight!

Gepostet von Kicks and Kimuras am Samstag, 10. November 2018

(Featured Image Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube and Bad Monkey Brand/Instagram)

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