Yair Rodriguez Reveals Who Taught Him Impossible Elbow That KO’d Korean Zombie

In what could be one of the most dramatic finishes in UFC history, the returning Yair Rodriguez pulled off an incredible no-look upward elbow at Chan Sung-Jung with only one second left in their featherweight bout that 

The UFC went back to where it all began 25 years ago in Denver on Saturday night, featuring

No-Look Elbow

During this night of exciting combats, the 26-year-old fighter ended the game with one of the greatest knockouts in UFC history. The matchup went all five rounds but decided to heat up the game in the last.

In the middle of their final exchanges, the Mexican fighter landed an awkward no-look upward elbow, catching Jung on the chin. The ‘Korean Zombie’ went unconscious and the returning combatant picked up his victory despite losing the judges’ scores.

Started Practising

Recently appearing on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show, Rodriguez discussed his victory and revealed where he actually learned that bizarre move from.

“It’s something that I saw Cowboy doing in the back and I started practising.”

It turns out ‘El Pantera’ witnessed Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone do the extraordinary technique backstage and developed it on himself. The latter won his co-main bout after tapping out Mike Perry at UFC Denver in the first round.

Rodriguez advanced his record to 10-2 after the famous win. 


Featured Image Credit: Twitter/FOX Sports UFC

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