MMA Fighter Batters 56-Year-Old ‘Bird Box’ Kung Fu Master

If you’ve been following combat sports, you probably heard of this man who tried to discredit Chinese Kung Fu as a real martial art more than once. Well, Xu Xiaodong is in it again, leaving his latest prey bandaged and bruised. 

Xu shattered 56-year-old kung fu master Tian Ye in a match under kickboxing rules in China last weekend. The mixed martial arts star who’s honest about his mission to expose ‘fake kung fu’ is back to doing what he does best.

MMA Fighter Batters 56-Year-Old 'Bird Box' Kung Fu Master
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Defend the Dignity

Reportedly, a Chinese tycoon put up 30 million yuan (US$4.4 million) as prize money for the kung fu master if he will be able to defeat Xu. Walking down memory lane, Xiaodong who’s known as the ‘Mad Dog’ has outraged people in China for his mission to discredit the country’s traditional martial art.

In fact, it isn’t the first time that a Chinese businessman put up huge money for a kung fu master to outhit Xu. In 2017,  Tiandi No. 1’s multimillionaire entrepreneur Chen Sheng has raised the stakes to “defend the dignity” of martial artists.

Unfortunately, Xiaodong submitted tai chi master Wei Lei in under 10 seconds, taking millions with him at his farewell walk. This blockbuster match stirred up a nationwide debate about the legitimacy of 2,000-year-old Chinese martial arts.

Despite all efforts and money to take him down, the Chinese MMA fighter has been successful in his past stints, instituting a series of shameful knockouts in fights against kung fu practitioners. This weekend, he did it again while his version of the ‘Bird Box’ challenge.

Bird Box Challenge

Tian, also known as ‘Wild Fury,’ took home his promised 3 million yuan losing prize after his 40-year-old opponent mocked and finished him in the second round. The kung fu master initially threw a flurry of punches which Xu barely bothered to defend.

After taking it easy, Xu exploded with a brutal combination of elbows to the face spilling blood on Tian’s face for suffering a broken nose. The referee then pulled the fighters apart with barely 30 seconds gone.

The mixed martial artist shrugged his shoulders from it while Tian went to his corner for first aid. The kung fu master’s trainer tried to wave the fight off as his fighter isn’t medically fit to continue.

Tian’s team attended to him while Xiaodong is putting on a show, acting bored and dancing inside the ring while waiting for his opponent. The kung fu practitioner re-emerged with his eyes and nose heavily bandaged, looking more like someone doing the ‘Bird Box’ challenge.

‘Bird Box’ is a hit Netflix film where people made a trend out of – doing dumb things while wearing a blindfold. Well, it’s quite relevant because fighting Xu on kickboxing rules very little MMA training at 56 is quite a dumb thing.

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