WWE Tags The Wrong Dwayne Johnson In Post About “The Rock”

    It hurts when people you thought knew you best fail to acknowledge you… More so if you are one of the most prominent people on Earth. 

    Dwayne Johnson without a doubt falls as one of the most recognisable personalities on the planet. ‘The Rock’ has been a WWE superstar and he’s starred on some of the most blockbuster films in Hollywood.

    However, there is one company who failed to properly tag the second highest paid actor in the world. Surprisingly, it was Johnson’s former employer, World Wrestling Entertainment.

    Brahma Bull

    In a recent Facebook post, the esteemed wrestling enterprise uploaded a promo video to the Hollywood star’s biography entitled “The World of The Rock.” WWE wrote:

    “Read all about the journey of one of the GREATEST of all time, Dwayne Johnson in his brand new book! Get yours now from Asda stores!”

    However, the Dwayne Johnson they tagged isn’t either the man they called the Brahma Bull, The Great One or The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment. Admins of the page have mistakenly attached the account of another person under the same name.

    Check before you click because the Internet isn’t exactly a place where people turn a blind eye on honest errors. As expected, it didn’t take long for someone to spot the incorrectly mentioned profile.

    WWE Tags The Wrong Dwayne Johnson In Post About "The Rock"
    Source: Facebook/WWE United Kingdom

    Haha WWE

    Commenting, hawk-eyed WWE follower Wayne Lenord from Manchester wrote:

    “Haha WWE, you tagged the wrong Dwayne Johnson.”

    Lenord, later on, asserted his long-lived WWE fandom, saying The Rock has always been on his list of favourites. The 37-year-old explained:

    “I’ve been a WWE fan for more than 30 years and Dwayne The Rock Johnson has always been a favourite. I was surprised to see that a company like the WWE could make such a mistake.”

    “I wouldn’t like to be the one who tells Dwayne they tagged the wrong guy. But it might help London’s Dwayne Johnson secure more Facebook friends as he only has 27.”

    WWE Tags The Wrong Dwayne Johnson In Post About "The Rock"
    Source: Facebook/WWE United Kingdom

    Free Ticket 

    This might be a shame for WWE, but they took it back well by inviting the other Dwayne Johnson to come down and see the largest pro-wrestling body in action. If available, we’ll see The Rock’s namesake watching WWE Smackdown Live at London’s O2 Arena on May 14.

    Aside from that, they have offered him a copy of the Furious star’s book. Well, turns out it isn’t always a bad idea to name your child after a superstar.

    Featured Image Credit: Facebook/WWE and Instagram/Dwayne Johnson

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