Boxer Wins By TKO Without Landing Any Punches In Worst Stoppage Ever

    Have you heard of a boxing match won via TKO without the victor landing a single punch? It might sound far from the rules of the sport itself, but it did happen, due to a referee’s stoppage that’s the worst of its kind. 

    In a welterweight boxing showdown between Aaron Herrera and Raul Hinojosa in Merida, Mexico, Herrera emerged victorious after the referee waved the fight off prematurely.

    As it was evident in the short footage, Herrera was sending his opponent a barrage of punches but he seemed more like a tipsy fighter than a TKO winner.

    None of the strikes turned out vital and they obviously don’t land while Hinojosa is on the defensive side, successfully avoiding every strike.

    For some unknown reason, in the middle of the flurry of missed shots, the match was called off via round one technical knockout in favour of Herrera.

    Boxer Wins By TKO Without Landing Any Punches In Worst Stoppage Ever


    As ridiculous as it seems, the result of the match in Mexico is still on both fighters’ records. The 30-year-old Herrera has made 39 wins and 9 losses in his career that started in 2006 while Hinojosa has rendered a 3-9 record since 2010.

    The 33-year-old’s last match happened late last year while Herrera has just won a match via TKO in February.

    Fight fans are now uproaring over the absurd stoppage; questioning how such bad refereeing entered the highly-technical sport of boxing.

    Some even hit up how both teams were and the referee went away with the result without declaring it a no-contest or going over the match once more.


    Replying to Twitter user EditinKing who recently uploaded the footage, fans — and even experts — aired their outrage over the referee’s obvious miscalculation.

    American sports broadcaster Al Bernstein wrote: “wow. when did this fight happen? You are right, this is perhaps the single worst stoppage I have ever seen” 

    “Unbelievable! How do they get away with that?” Twitter user Ronnie Graham responded.

    Another said: “One of the worst stoppages ever, if not the first.” While user Lewis Ibrahim joked: “Mayweather would have been 0-50 with this ref.” 

    “Ref completely out of position during the whole sequence. Then panicked. Amateur hour,” analyzed another.

    “WTF?! He didn’t land anything!!!! This was terrible! If a outcome should ever be overturned it would be this. Boxing,” wrote one.


    Just like any other sport, boxing isn’t spared from controversies that some fight results are pre-meditated. However, fans think if such happens in boxing, then the Herrera-Hinojosa stoppage outcome is the worst.

    “boxing needs to put a stop to this level of blatant injustice/corruption stinks a blind ref would of done a better job!!” wrote one user.

    While another frustrated fan said: “The fact the other boxer starting celebrating like he just knocked him out annoys me as much as the ref.” 

    Featured Image Credit: Twitter/EditinKing

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