REPORT: Wladimir Klitschko Offered £60 Million To Come Out Of Retirement

World boxing’s heavyweight division is currently buzzed for having some of its greatest fighters squabbling over their matchups and one reportedly offered to come out of retirement. 

Wladimir Klitschko’s ex-promoter Tom Loeffler has just revealed that boxing’s newest player DAZN has tabled a £60-million contract for the former unified champion of the heavyweight class to come out of retirement.

Early this year, rumours claimed that the l

Though no bout has been official yet, Loeffler says 

REPORT: Wladimir Klitschko Offered £60 Million To Come Out Of Retirement
(Photo: Instagram/Wladimir Klitschko)

Championship Run

In an interview with The Fight Nation, the boxing promoter explained that the Ukranian legend’s historic run as a combat sports champion makes a lot of people want to see him back in the ring.

“He had such a good championship run, that a lot of people want to see him back in the ring,” Loeffler said of the 43-year-old retired athlete.

“A company is offering him a lot of money to come back. He’s one of those brands that fans want to see him come back. I’d like to see him come back.”

Despite this, Loeffler says he has no idea yet whether the former unified champion wants another shot at his previously colourful career in boxing.

“I don’t know whether he’s content with what he’s accomplished in his career already,” he told The Fight Nation.

“You know, his brother Vitali was in the Hall of Fame last year and is the Mayor of Kiev. And Wladimir has had one of the most storied championship runs.”


Continuing, Loeffler cited some of the hints that 

“It will be his decision. If it makes sense, and he’s been posting videos and photos showing the bug is still somewhere in the back of his head,” the boxing promoter stated.

“He came so close when he knocked down Anthony Joshua (at Wembley Stadium in 2017).”

Loeffler says he personally want the Ukranian champ to box the ‘Bronze Bomber’ on his fighting comeback. However, the WBC kingpin has not been keen on the idea of facing Klitschko.

“My personal opinion is I’d like to see him and Deontay Wilder… We’ll still have to see what he does, let him get back in and build him up,” he said.

“Look, Klitschko, when he fought [Anthony] Joshua, he was out for two years and he came back and lost the stuff so he got to build himself back up. He can only live off his name for so long. You get to the point where [you’re no longer] that fighter that you used to be.” 

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Wladimir Klitschko

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