Watch: Viral Wide Neck Guy Trains For His MMA Debut

    Charles Dion McDowell, also known as ‘Wide Neck’ online, is currently training for his mixed martial arts debut next year. 

    Since his mugshot went viral last month, things are going well for the Wide Neck guy and one of his biggest breaks was a potential shot on a career in mixed martial arts. McDowell confirmed that he will be making his first appearance in the Octagon next year after receiving an offer from boxing and MMA promotion, Island Fights. And now, he is wasting no time in getting into his best shape for his future bout.

    For all you people that didn’t know, I’ve been training MMA and will be making my Debut real soon!

    Gepostet von Charles McDowell am Freitag, 23. November 2018

    Necks MMA Champ?

    McDowell’s mugshot went viral online when netizens poked fun at his ridiculously massive neck. The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office uploaded his mugshot after he was arrested in Florida for evading the police and drug possession. The photo then garnered almost 300 000 shares and has sparked thousands of neck memes and puns. Days after, he was again collared by the police, this time in Alabama, because of reckless driving, improper lane usage, attempting to elude law enforcement,

    After a pair of misfortunes, which apparently led to his internet fame, the ‘Neck Guy’ has found himself staring at a big opportunity as the Florida-based combat sports promotion, Island Fights, has offered him a potential bout for early next year.

    “He hasn’t made some of the best choices in life in his past so maybe something like this will be a good step in the right direction toward something positive. Even if he doesn’t compete maybe this will all work out for the better for him and he won’t make those same choices again,” said a promotion top official.

    Neck Guy Prepares For His MMA Debut

    McDowell confirmed this news on November 24, posting a photo of himself with an Island Fights belt on Facebook along with the caption: “For all you people that didn’t know, I’ve been training MMA and will be making my Debut real soon!”

    CEO Dean Toole has allowed him to train at the Island Fights’s facilities in Pensacola to develop his skills in MMA. And it looks like his journey to become the ‘necks MMA star’ has already begun. McDowell recently uploaded a short training video on Twitter, where he worked on his boxing skills. Watch it in the video below:

    Aside from training for his MMA debut, the ‘Wide Neck’ guy has also launched the ‘All Necks Matter’ campaign, along with another online sensation, Daddy Long Neck. The campaign aims to end discrimination on the basis of one’s neck and to spread love and positivity.

    (Featured Image Source: Facebook/Escambia County Sheriff’s Office and Twitter/DamnWideNeck)

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