Internet Stars ‘Wide Neck’ and ‘Long Neck’ Launch ‘All Necks Matter’ Campaign

    Online sensation Charles Dion McDowell has tapped the service of another internet star ‘Daddy Long Neck’ for a campaign that aims to end ‘neckism.’

    McDowell, also known as the ‘Wide Neck Guy’ online, uploaded a video on Twitter last weekend, featuring him and Daddy long Neck for the All Necks Matter Campaign.

    ‘End Neckism’

    McDowell rose to fame last month after he was put into the internet spotlight because of his ridiculously massive neck. The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office uploaded his mugshot after he was arrested in Florida for evading the police and drug possession.

    The photo has since gone viral, garnering over 150 000 likes and more than 265 000 shares days after it was uploaded. It then sparked thousands of neck jokes across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Some memes and puns include Lochneck Monster, Necktie, Shrek, Star Trek, and Neckelback.

    The 31-year old inmate was then released from police custody after posting a bail amounting to $57000. Upon learning about his internet fame, McDowell posted videos online, thanking his legion of fans for their support, especially women for “giving him a chance.”

    Meanwhile, the young guy from Flint, Michigan went viral last September because of his long neck. Now they are teaming up for a good cause, which is to end discrimination on the basis of one’s neck. Watch the video of the ‘All Necks Matter’ campaign in the video below:

    The video has gained more than 10 million views and 400 000+ likes on Twitter and it has received positive feedback from netizens. What seen as a “curse” to both men turns out to be a blessing in disguise as they are using their differences to raise awareness and create change.

    Some people called their ‘All Necks Matter’ campaign as the “necks best thing” and “the most ambitious crossover ever made” online. McDowell describes himself as the “CEO of Wide Neck Gang” in his bio and has now more than 40 000 Twitter followers.

    “WideNeckGang is all about positivity. There are bullies out there that spread nothing but neckativity. We about positivity and love. We will change this world. One neck at a time,” McDowell shared.

    (Featured Image Source: Twitter/Wide Neck and Facebook/Escambia County Sheriff’s Office)

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