Hench Neck Guy Is Back In Jail With New Mugshot

It was November last year when Charles Dion McDowell made it to news reports, not for being a drug suspect in Florida, but for having an enormous neck that went viral due to his mug shot. Now, he’s back in jail for the third time while still being an internet sensation. 

The ‘wide neck guy’ is back behind bars after a judge reportedly revoked his bond for several drug offences stemming from a case in November. He was apparently making a mixed martial arts stint this year, though it looks like he entered a different cage.

For all you people that didn’t know, I’ve been training MMA and will be making my Debut real soon!

Gepostet von Charles McDowell am Freitag, 23. November 2018


McDowell rose to internet fame three months ago after this mugshot on Facebook.  

The photo went viral due to the enormous size of McDowell’s neck, Some memes and puns include Lochness Monster, Necktie, Shrek, Star Trek, and Nickelback.


After the arrest, the 31-year-old was released from police custody when he posted bail amounting to $57000. However, Mcdowell was once again taken into police custody after a few days following an attempt to run from authorities during a traffic stop in Montgomery, Alabama.

Sit In Jail

Currently, the viral neck guy isn’t facing any new charges but was arrested for the third time in Pensacola after a judge reportedly revoked his bond. His drug offences include possession of both meth and cocaine, with intent to sell, manufacture or deliver.

Sharing the news on Instagram, an account called ‘Damn Wide Neck,’ which has 1.3 million followers, wrote:

“Tonight, Charles AKA Wideneck was arrested in his hometown of Pensacola. He didn’t get arrested on any new charges, the judge revoked his bond from his original charges. Now he has to sit in jail until his case is over with.

He appreciates all the love and support from everyone in the past 2 months. Charles’ life has changed for the better for himself and his family. When all this is over with this last case, you have his word that’ll he’ll never go back to jail again!”

Despite various misdeeds, Island Fights has reportedly offered him a potential bout last November for a supposed MMA debut this year. 

“He hasn’t made some of the best choices in life in his past so maybe something like this will be a good step in the right direction toward something positive.  said a promotion top official.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Damn Wide Neck

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