What Not to Wear to the Gym – 10 Things Men Need to Stop Wearing at the Gym

When you see men at the gym nowadays, you might ask yourself the following question. When did working out became … that? Men sporting spandex at the gym, wearing all sorts of girly stuff, and so on. Working out was once the most mainly activity you can imagine. Men sweating and oozing testosterone. Now, things have changed to the point men want to say “they take care of their body in a sophisticated way”. Well, with that in mind, we are talking about what not to wear to the gym, especially guys.

Superhero gear

What we mean here is when you see a man completely dressed in tight fitting clothes. Think of Batman, Superman, and similar costumes that are practically glued to your body. From head to toe, in some type and form of spandex. Forget that. Wear loose gear, and you won’t embarrass yourself.


What Not to Wear to the Gym – 10 Things Men Need to Stop Wearing at the Gym
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It might sound strange, but in the 21st century, we need to tell guys that they are not supposed to wear leggings at the gym. Who would’ve thought that the day would come for that. Well, that day is here, and you need to listen the voice in the back of your head.

Leggings are for women. The popular term for male leggings is “meggings”, and they are literally what they say: skin tight pieces of lycra or polyester that cover your entire legs. They are not good when you are building up a sweat, as they do not allow your body to breathe. And if you are not wearing supportive underwear, your nether regions may be flapping around. Opt for a pair of shorts and you will be better suited for working out.

5 Finger shoes

What Not to Wear to the Gym – 10 Things Men Need to Stop Wearing at the Gym
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These shoes were quite popular, and controversial in the same time. They went through their share of controversy. And the topic was whether they were acceptable at all to wear. Let alone, wearing them at the gym. If you haven’t heard of these shoes, you are a lucky one. They were originally designed to be worn for walking or hiking. But many have adopted them into their everyday wardrobe. And that is just plain wrong.

Vests showing too much

Nobody likes to see your nipples and naked upper body while you are at the gym. And these barely there vests do exactly that. You have probably seen one of these pieces in the flesh. The straps of this vest come down way past the just, and just cover the nipple, with the remaining of the vest starting somewhere past the navel.

Do not let people suffer from the vision of you wearing such vet. Opt for a sports shirt instead.

Short shorts

What Not to Wear to the Gym – 10 Things Men Need to Stop Wearing at the Gym
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These shorts were popular back in the 80s, when NBA players wore them. But that is long gone. Yes, you might have attractive legs, and you want to show off those muscular pins. However, your short shorts will reveal a little too much, as they are a bit too short. You can even say they fall into the hotpants territory.

No matter the occasion, short shorts are just not a good look.


You will be surprised how many people wear denim at the gym. Usually, those are older men, as they are running the treadmill in jeans. And while that is somewhat acceptable, it is just idiotic to lift weights while sporting denim jeans. We cannot even imagine the state you will end up after wearing jeans to the gym.


This is another of those footwear options that are just not acceptable to the gym. You might be thinking who on Earth would wear sandals to the gym. The sad part is that it happens. Sandals offer no support to your foot, and they are not designed for sport. Therefore, wear them on your occasional walk, but never in the gym.

When you are working out, you need shoes that offer support and keep your foot in tip top condition. Foot support is vital, as working out and lifting weights can cause damage to your foot and legs if you are not careful. Safety first!

Big baggy basketball shorts

They make you look super short, and throw off the proportions of your body out of the way. The same goes for big baggy pants. Somewhere in the middle between big and baggy basketball shorts, and tight spandex, you’ll find the athletic shorts that are perfect for working out at the gym.

Nothing at all

These people are the worst. Yes, you’ve made a great body. You are all muscles. And you like to show off. But not everyone has to see your body. Other people probably do not want to see your bare chest, especially when they are working out. If you want to show off your naked body, be a model. While you are in a public gym, wear a gym shirt or a top. We are talking about what not to wear to the gym, but also what you absolutely have to have on you.

Massive headphones

What Not to Wear to the Gym – 10 Things Men Need to Stop Wearing at the Gym
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Another fashion statement that seems to be making a comeback thanks to gyms is massive headphones. Not only they are not suitable for the gym, they are not safe or practical. If you work out properly, you will sweat. And your sweat can damage the headphones. The 70s are gone, and so is the need for massive headphones.

Bonus: Too much cologne

You should smell good. That should translate to deodorant. Nobody wants to work out at the gym and be next to somebody who has a bad body odor. But in the same way, equally irritating is trying to work out, while the guy next to you has put on some Armani perfume while trying to pick up chicks at the gym. What not to wear to the gym applies not only to clothes, but to other things on your body as well.

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