WATCH: Jeff Novitsky Explains Jon Jones’ Steroid Test To Joe Rogan

    WATCH: Jeff Novitsky Explains Jon Jones' Steroid Test To Joe Rogan
    Rough time for Jon Jones

    It’s been a crazy week so far for the UFC and Jon Jones, with the controversy surrounding the USADA sample from December 9. Ahead of Jones vs Gustafsson 2 in Los Angeles this coming Saturday, here’s Jeff Novitsky’s explanation of that highly discussed sample:

    “That was July 2017 that (Jones) tested positive for between 20-60 picograms of a long-lasting M3 metabolite DHCMT also known as oral Turinabol. We never determined what the source was, Jon went through a full arbitration hearing, were never able to determine where it came from. There are many factors that go into what his suspension was, I would argue that it wasn’t a short suspension.”

    “Richard McClaren is worldwide known as one of the most credible anti-doping authorities. He’s a very respected guy, he’s independent of USADA and the UFC. He said (of the July 2017 case) ‘I find that all evidence available to me that the ingestion was non-intentional and didn’t provide a performance-enhancing benefit.'”

    “If anything, I would say (Jon’s suspension) was a bit on the long side. Jon admits that some of the lifestyle decisions he was making could have caused some ingestions of bad things, but he said, under oath, that he would never have knowingly ingested performance-enhancing drugs.”

    “He had two negative tests at the beginning of July 2017, then he had a positive test on the day of the weigh-ins, I think it was July 8th. The long-term metabolites would remain for a long time, what was not occurring was any presence of the short and medium term metabolites. I think what this is showing is that pulsing effect of long-term metabolites.”

    “The UFC is not the only sports promotion that is seeing this, USADA is seeing this in another major sports league. The long-term metabolite is storing itself in fattie deposits. This metabolite is not a performance-enhancing drug, it is the result of the body breaking down the parent compound, oral Turinabol.”

    “A picogram is an insanely low reading, a picogram is, one grain of salt, you put that in front of you and split it 58 million times, each one is a picogram. Studies show that we have a general understanding of this in science, but it’s such a small variation that we can’t jump to conclusions saying he has ingested it again.”

    “I don’t have the answer to that (how long it takes short/medium/long-term metabolites to show up). Here is the problem, there is one study of Turinabol, it’s the only one that exists. As far as I know, we don’t have clinical trials because Turinabol is not safe for human use. It’s not meant to be administered to humans.”

    “There’s a difference between Turinabol and Oral Turinabol, I can’t tell you exactly what that is. I only know it’s different. Now, I know for a fact that Creatine is one of the most common substances that cocaine is cut with, so it’s absolutely a possibility that Jones could have ingested oral Turinabol in this way.”

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    WATCH: Jeff Novitsky Explains Jon Jones' Steroid Test To Joe Rogan
    Jon Jones continues to be a polarizing figure in the sport of MMA. Image source: Google

    “(Weight cutting) could be a factor here. The commonality for Clomiphine and oral Turinabol is they are both Chlorinated. There are credited and peer-reviewed studies of Clomiphene that show this pulsing effect. Those that know about micro dosing is you only do that with substances that appear in the body so your body knows how to deal with it. I’ve never heard personally of exogenous micro dosing, with substances that don’t appear in the body.”

    “I’ve seen micro dosing of testosterone, EPO, HGH in cycling but these things appear in the human body already. Look. I wanna catch every cheater out there but I also want to keep an eye on it to make sure it’s being administered fairly. What kind of level of contamination are we talking about?”

    “When we start getting down to single digit picograms, we gotta be really careful about that. This case demonstrates that we have to be more responsible and look fairly on each case. Over the last 5 or 6 months USADA reached out to other sports agencies, other WADA labs and this is what we found out, they were seeing this pulsing effect over the same period of time and the same in the studies.”

    “You can’t determine where 1 picogram comes from, it could come from substances in the air, it could come from drinking contaminated water.”

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