Suspect With Supremely Hench Neck Goes Viral After Getting Arrested Again

Someone did not learn from his past mistake. 

Charles Dion McDowell, also known as the ‘Neck Guy’ who went viral last week for his mugshot, was once again taken into police custody on Wednesday after he attempted to run from authorities during a traffic stop in Montgomery, Alabama.


McDowell rose to fame last week as he was put into the internet spotlight after his mugshot became a viral sensation because of his ridiculously massive neck. The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office uploaded his mugshot after he was arrested in Florida for evading the police and drug possession.

The photo has since gone viral, garnering over 150 000 likes and more than 265 000 shares (as of writing). It then sparked thousands of neck jokes across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Some memes and puns include Lochness Monster, Necktie, Shrek, Star Trek, and Nickelback.

The 31-year old inmate was then released from police custody after posting a bail amounting to $57000. Upon learning about his internet fame, McDowell posted videos online, thanking his legion of fans for their support, especially women for “giving him a chance.”

Jail Time Again

But on early Wednesday morning, McDowell suffered the same fate as he was arrested again this time in Alabama. According to officials, the viral ‘Neck Guy’ tried to run from officers during a traffic stop in Montgomery, forcing the police to spike his tires.

Lee County Sheriff’s deputies charged him with reckless driving, improper lane usage, attempting to elude law enforcement, driving with a revoked license and second-degree marijuana possession.

With the ‘Neck Guy’ hitting the headlines for the second time, netizens went on to flood the internet with neck memes and puns once again. This time, they used Ariana Grande, New York Knicks, and Super Mario Bros. as some of their references. Check out some of the hilarious posts on Twitter:

Meanwhile, some Twitter users expressed their concern for McDowell as people made fun of his physical appearance.

(Featured Image Source: Facebook/ Escambia County Sheriff’s Office)

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