Boxer Punches His Own Coach After Losing, Coach Isn’t Having Any Of It

    It’s not too often you see a boxer going completely bonkers after a fight, especially not towards his own coach. Well, this guy’s actions after losing his bout have gone viral overnight. If you thought the UFC 229 brawl was funny wait till you watch this…

    Boxer Punches His Own Coach After Losing, Coach Isn't Having Any Of It
    Shocking scenes as a boxer attacks his own coach after losing his bout. The coach wasn’t having any of it. Image source Twitter…

    Speaking of Boxing and fighting in general, this weekend has been a very busy weekend for fighters and fight fans. With the WBSS boxing card last night, UFC Moncton and this sh*tstorm there’s plenty to be talking about.

    Anthony Smith beat Volkan Oezdemir at UFC Moncton, Anthony Yigit grew a third eye after being punched so many times by Baranchyk causing the fight to be stopped in the World Boxing Super Series quarter finals too.

    But just as we thought we’d seen it all at UFC 229. In Bulgaria last night, Russia’s Gennady Martirosyan was beaten by France’s Fouad El Massoudi and reacted by going rogue, hitting his own coach and attempting to start another fight. Can you imagine McGregor starting a fight with Kavanagh after a fight?

    Boxer Punches His Own Coach After Losing, Coach Isn't Having Any Of It
    Have it back! The coach winged a flush slap to his boxer’s head

    This took place on the Pulev vs. Fury undercard which certainly spiced up what people call regular boxing. As usual the online community has gone nuts leaving some hilarious replies to videos of the incident. He instantly after finding out he lost started firing shots down the pipe at his coach who didn’t hesitate to start throwing hands back.

    Now the Russian had a 26-3 record before entering this fight, comparing to his opponent who was 14-11. Making the Russian the favourite to win, probably just throwing more salt in the wound to be honest. We know little about the 38 year old Russian middleweight. Is it becoming a trend with Russian fighters to start fights after fights?

    Boxer attacks coach, video below:–lW2P2wcg0Zd82qKvMpdQxjjSpMEMJHChLzG1JO8Tn1jc

    Apparently, the fight ignited after the Russian was upset about his loss, taunting and walking towards his opponent after the bell and the trainer proceed to try and defuse the situation only to be met with punches. He did however showcase some pretty effective slips and rolls away from his students’ punches. Where are we signing this old fella?

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