15+ Vicks VapoRub Uses for Your Daily, Stress-Free Life

When you think of widely used homemade remedies, VapoRub is one of the first items on the menu. For many years, VapoRub has been an “institution” as far as over-the-counter medicine goes. Compared to other nonprescription treatments, VapoRub is much better and more effective. One of the most common Vicks VapoRub uses is for reducing belly fat and getting rid of colds. For years, people have used the item just for that. But don’t limit yourself; there are many other Vicks VapoRub uses. Stay with me, and enjoy the ride.


Since Vicks VapoRub contains mint, the solution is great for treating standard headaches. Mint is one of the most effective remedies for a headache and migraine. The trick is to apply some of it to your temples to provide quick pain relief. If your headache is sinus-related, apply VapoRub under your nose and start breathing in and out slowly.

Muscle aches

Headaches are not the only pain and aches that VapoRub can heal. After a hard workout, you can treat muscle aches with VapoRub (or any other type of muscle ache). Just massage your muscles with Vicks VapoRub, and then wrap them in a dry and warm towel for a while.

Soothe earaches

Moving on to another irritating pain, earaches are usually a sign of ear infection. However, when the pain is related to the common cold, VapoRub can help. All you need to do is dip a cotton ball in VapoRub and place the ball in your ear. Leave the ball in your ear overnight, and remove it in the morning.

Cracked heels

Women will love this remedy. After walking in high heels for most of the day, it’s only logical that your heels are cracked. Well, you can treat your heels and balls of your feet by massaging Vicks VapoRub on them. I recommend applying VapoRub in the evening and then put some socks on. In the morning, when you wake up, you’ll feel your feet are refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for another go in high heels. Just remember, rinse the VapoRub off with water.

Toenail fungus

Speaking of the feet, toenail fungus is another thing you can get rid of thanks to Vicks VapoRub. Simply rub your toenails with VapoRub two to three times per day. Repeat this treatment until you get rid of the fungus completely.

Heal bruises and minor cuts

Cuts can get infected. And bruises can last for a while. To get rid of either of them, you can use a combination of VapoRub and salt. The combination boosts your blood circulation and flow, and dissolves the bruise mark. When you apply the same combination to cuts, you speed up the healing process. Now, this solution is only for minor cuts. Do not apply to open wounds.

Treat cough

There are several ways you can treat a common cough with VapoRub. As I mentioned at the beginning, battling a cold is one of the most common Vicks VapoRub uses. Now, if you want to decongest your chest, apply VapoRub to the upper chest. You can also apply it to the throat area. Both ways will provide you with cough relief. Another way to battle a cough is to rub VapoRub all over your feet. Cover your feet with socks, and the VapoRub will suck all the cough symptoms out. Bonus: this is the same trick we used for treating cracked heels.

Eases acne

Moving onto the skin section, Vicks can be used for acne. Yes, that problem most teenagers suffer from (even adults, for that matter). If you want to get rid of acne, apply VapoRub on your face three times per day. The solution will clean your skin and dry the acne out. In the end, you will be the beneficiary of silky smooth skin.

Moisturize skin

Even if you don’t have acne problems, you need moisturizing. Vicks VapoRub works as a moisturizer. Just apply it in the morning or in the evening before going to sleep. If you do this constantly, you’ll notice significant changes in your skin.

Tennis elbow

I talked about muscle aches and pain, but I do believe tennis elbow deserves a special spot. After all, it’s a bit of a tricky and unique condition. All you have to do is massage the area until the pain is gone.

Stretch marks

I’m sure women will love this. Especially pregnant women. It’s normal to have stretch marks after childbirth. Or if you’ve lost a lot of weight quickly. For stretch marks, apply Vicks VapoRub two times per day for two weeks. The visibility will be vastly reduced.

Treat eczema

Even some serious skin conditions like eczema can be treated with Vicks. You can reduce the inflammation and itchiness by applying the menthol solution on the affected area.

Athlete’s foot

Another unique sports condition is athlete’s foot. For this condition, rub the affected area with Vicks two times per day.

Remove warts

For your regular wart treatment, apply VapoRub and cover the area with gauze. Put your socks on, and repeat two times per day. Do this for a two-week period, and your warts will be gone.

Burn fat

At the beginning, I mentioned that Vicks VapoRub is one of the best fat-burning solutions. The product can vastly reduce your belly fat and cellulite. For the “magic cream,” mix VapoRub, baking soda, some alcohol, and camphor. Apply the cream on the area of your preference, and cover with plastic wrap. You can perform this treatment before working out or at home.

Repel insects

You can repel bugs and insects easily with Vicks VapoRub. They shy away from the menthol. The best way is to apply a light amount of Vicks on your skin. That will scare bugs and insects away. Especially when mosquitoes are prevalent, Vicks is one of your best friends.

Keep cats away from furniture

I also want to share some Vicks VapoRub uses for your home. Let’s start with keeping your furniture safe from scratches. Apply Vicks on any piece of furniture, and cats will stay away from it. This applies to any hard surface, including doors, curtains, and couch. And if your cat is prone to scratching you, don’t be afraid to put some Vicks on your arms and legs.

Prevent dogs from peeing in your home

Same as cats, dogs can’t stand the smell of Vicks. So, when you want to prevent them from peeing inside the house, leave an open Vicks bottle in the areas they want to mark.

Not recommended for children

Vicks VapoRub is mostly safe. However, with children, you have to be extra careful. Most of the treatments are safe for children, but treating a child’s cough with VapoRub is not something you should try. Small children can be allergic or suffer complications. Therefore, I recommend that you do not apply Vicks directly under the nose of a small child.

15+ Vicks VapoRub Uses for Your Daily, Stress-Free Life

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