WD-40: Small Can with Large Potential

Squeaky hinges are probably the first thing that come to mind when you think about WD-40. The spray is best at handling squeaky hinges, but that’s just a small portion of its many uses. Let’s start by clarifying something: WD-40 is not a lubricant. However, it makes things go smoothly.

One small can of this spray can help you with a multitude of things in the household, and I would like to share some of them with you. I’m sure at the end of this article you’ll run out and buy several cans. And then you can store some at your home, in your car, and at work. Let’s roll!

1. Clean stainless steel appliances
WD-40: Small Can with Large Potential
Photo: welcometoheardmont.com

Cleaning stainless steel products is not an easy thing. People think stainless steel products are indestructible and you can use them forever. Well, that’s only partly true; you need to clean them from time to time and take care of your products. WD-40 can help.

2. Remove label residue and glue from any surface
WD-40: Small Can with Large Potential
Photo: tutorialgeek.net

Another cleaning usage is removing labels or glue. Just spray some WD-40 on the area, wait a few seconds, and then you can easily remove any label.

3. Remove scratches from your car
WD-40: Small Can with Large Potential
Photo: youtube.com

I remember when I was little, there was one elderly guy cleaning and polishing his car every Sunday. And his car looked the best in the neighborhood—not a single scratch. You can make your car look perfect as well.

4. Remove stains from the carpet
WD-40: Small Can with Large Potential
Photo: housecleaningcentral.com

You’ll notice that most of the uses of WD-40 are for cleaning. But there is a different way to clean different things. For example, when you want to clean stains on carpet, spray some WD-40 on it, wait few minutes, and then rub it with a cloth.

5. Give floors that “just waxed” sheen without making it slippery
WD-40: Small Can with Large Potential
Photo: maidoflondon.co.uk

No matter what type of floor you have, whether it’s tiles or laminate, spraying a bit of WD-40 on it can make it shine. And the best part is your floor will not be slippery. Two-in-one solution!

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