Conor McGregor Roasted By One Of His Own Fans After UFC 229 Statement

Never underestimate someone’s ability to speak the truth. McGregor is now catching heat from his own fans…

Almost three weeks after losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov in the main event of UFC 229, Conor ‘The Notorious’ McGregor has taken to Instagram to give his own analysis on how he fared against the lightweight champion.

The Irish star conceded that he lost the first two rounds while a critical error in the fourth frame led to the submission. But despite speaking frankly about the loss, a UFC fan, perhaps an ex-McGregor faithful, was not impressed by his recent statement and gave McGregor a savage response.

A Great Fight

In a lengthy social media post on Monday night, the Dubliner provided great details on what went wrong in his highly-anticipated return fight against ‘The Eagle’ at UFC 229 last October 6. 

He admitted that an aggressive and smart Nurmagomedov convincingly took the first two rounds. But after, what he described as, the “worst round of his career,” he said he managed to “come back and win the third round.” He then claimed that he won the early exchanges in the fourth round, but a crucial mistake, later on, became the turning point of the fight.

“Although winning the early exchanges in four, he dips under again and I end up in a bad position with over three on the clock. I work to regain position and end up upright, with my back to the fence. A stable position. Here, however, I made a critical error of abandoning my overhook at this crucial time, exposing the back and I end up beaten fair and square.”

“What can I say? It was a great fight and it was my pleasure. I will be back with my confidence high. Fully prepared. What can I say? It was a great fight and it was my pleasure. I will be back with my confidence high. Fully prepared.”


McGregor’s recent Instagram post has garnered over 2.7 million likes, while thousands of his fans mobbed the comment section showing admiration for the Irish star’s humble stand. But one of the replies that stood the most was a comment from Instagram user, @slatsstrong.

He contradicted McGregor’s post-fight analysis and criticized the former two-division champ for his lack of respect to Nurmagomedov and for choosing money over glory.

“I came into the fight with you, behind you, like I have your entire career. But your lack of respect and how you ran/run your mouth was an embarrassment. In fact, you whispering ‘it’s only business’ to him showed me that not even you stand behind what you spew. If you’re going to try to talk trash like some of the best ever, Ali, Tyson, Floyd, win in an overwhelming fashion like they did. Your marginal victory with Nate and your losses since have been embarrassing. All bark with no bite.”

“If you’re not going to put in your best efforts to win, I will not put my efforts in to protect your name in these city streets I live on, all working-class Irish areas in Chicago… You fight for not only yourself but a country, too. Take the ‘business’ out of this and start doing it for glory again. You were the best fighter in the world then, when glory was at stake, mate.”

Check the full comment in the post below:

Netizens lauded slatsstrong’s brave response to McGregor’s UFC 229 breakdown. He hit the bullseye and spoke of nothing but the truth.

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